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  • This addon has literally killed 100+ tabs beyond any possible recovery. I have read now the 1 star feedbacks; I should have read them before installation and shouldn't have installed an addon which is more a VIRUS than a tool. I invite all users to report/ complain about the addon because of a major security issue. This product should be banned.
  • Beware !!! OneTab took my bookmarks and scrambled them. All out of order now with lost date, too. OneTab took my tabs and made a list. When I restored them, 1.) IT PUT THEM BACK IN REVERSE ORDER, 2.) IT OPENED ALL MY TABS WHICH TOOK HOURS TO FINISH OPENING 3.) ABOUT 30% OF THE TABS HAD TO BE MANUALLY OPENED, 4.) AND HERE IS THE BIGGEST BUG: iT SCRAMBLED MY BOOKMARKS !!! WHAT DO MY BOOKMARKS HAVE TO DO WITH MY TABS !!?? Beware, this extension needs a serious bug overhaul and redesign.
  • i should have read the reviews. loved this app on my pc. but now because of this ive lost HUNDREDS(!!!) of tabs! just look at all the other reviews. screw this app. STAY AWAY.
  • Neat app. But couple of issues.
    * No Darkmode, despite my firefox using dark theme. No option in app for choosing it.
    * Sync ability with firefox account or any cloud option.
  • Era o que eu precisava pra poupar a escassa RAM do meu note enquanto deixo salvas todas as abas que quero ter à mão! Extensão maravilhosa, funciona perfeitamente.
  • Keeps multiple Firefox tabs from slowing my PC: just click all to OneTab and bring back up as I need them. This is one of handiest extensions I've ever used and the easiest way I've found to keep multiple tabs at my fingertips.
  • I've never had issues with this add-on myself (been using it on Chrome & Firefox for 4 years), but I do wish the developers were a bit more active and listened to user feedback. There are a lot of small features that could be added, which would improve the usability greatly. Secondly, I wish there was a way to sync the tabs across browsers (e.g. via your GitHub account and Gists or via Google Drive, Dropbox, whatnot) instead of having to export/import manually..

    Other than that, I love the simplicity and it's one of the first add-ons I install!
  • It's very useful for older or less powerful devices, but I would like better tab organization, and Tree-style Tabs integration.
  • essential
  • This is exactly what I needed!! Thank you so much for developing this addon!!!
  • Wouldn't know how to bear quantum Firefox on my 10 year old system if I hadn't this addon. Just when I feel FF eats away my RAM and starts to misuse the swapfile I press this button.
  • Beware this piece of shit! It WIPES all of your TABS on Android without any confirmation. But doesn't back them up. Just few of them. All of ondemand tabs will be silently wiped so you can't restore them any more.

    Make a backup first:

    Use: Tabs Export addon (not all tabs may be included if you have a lot of opened)

    Or manualy: https://android.stackexchange.com/a/205587
  • Turned my 100+ tabs on Android into a list of 3 tabs. The rest are lost, gone forever.
  • 一鍵收納分頁。簡單好用!
  • 很好用,方便保存之前的标签页