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  • Having some issues when restoring recent tabs or force closing Firefox (due to a bug) one tab doesn't 'see' all tabs.
  • So far this Add-on works EXACTLY as advertised.
    After a month or so, I will review my ratting.

    Very happy with it so far!
  • Firefox recommended a "Reset" of the browser, which created a "Old Firefox Data" folder on my desktop containing a backup of all of my profile data — including extension data. I have tried restoring my OneTab extension data (links/URLs) using Firefox's restoration process, but OneTab is the only extension that does not seem to restore its previous data. I have contacted OneTab through their form on their website twice and have not heard back. I would pay for support at this point, but it's unfortunate I am dealing with potential data loss with no answer from the developer. Again, I would compensate the developer to assist in helping my current situation. If I am able to restore the data, I will update my review and increase my rating.
  • Works on Firefox for desktop, but for Android, it just closes all your tabs and leaves you with an empty page. Unfortunately, Firefox can only restore the latest 10 tabs.
  • I used to have this Addon on the Chrome Browser. Now I tested it yesterday on Firefox. The only feature that this addon is lacking, is the <> to find Tabs Quickly. And the ability to separate Tabs into several Groups. For Example: YouTube Group (with all the video tabs), Design Group (tabs for design websites), etc...
    Because I have more than 1000 tabs open So I can not find easily what I want. I will update my review when They add these two important features.
  • It's session manager and tab suspender all in one. It can also share saved web urls.
  • Please add a dark theme option
  • This is the closest thing I've seen to the "set tabs aside" feature from edge. Very helpful at putting all my tabs in one place to be seen easily. I highly recommend giving this a try.
  • Wow! I couldn't imagine more!