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  • Firefox auf Android 6.1 (ein Gerät mit 4 Rechenkernen, 1GB Arbeitsspeicher, ... Damit wäre die Apollo-Mission ein Kinderspiel gewesen, insbesondere Apollo 13). Das Addon macht aus 300 Tabs, mit denen der Browser noch problemlos arbeiten kann 2 (ZWEI!) Einträge in der erzeugten Liste und vernichtet die Web-Links zuverlässig. Wie schwer kann es sein aus Tablinks eine Liste mit 300 Zeilen zu erzeugen? Unter Windows funktioniert es!?
    0 Points, 0 Punkte. Angesichts des Schadenspotentials kann man nicht von kostenlosem Addon sorechen. Caution! Dangerous!
  • The Android version is not well adapted
  • One-tab doesn't work in newest Firefox Dev for Linux,
    it's only showed white screen.
    Please fix it. I use it every day.
  • good
  • by far the best and easiest to use among the numerous ones i tried. easy and simple, and wonderfully documented
    di gran lunga il migliore tra quelli che ho provato. facile ed efficace, e benissimo doumentato (help)
  • Had 78 tabs open. This app closed all 78 but only saved 6. How on earth does this app have a "recommended" badge if it so grosdly fails at its one simple task. Absolutely shameful.
  • It trashed ALL tabs. Simple as that.
    There is NO integrated backup/restore.
    By chance, i only stored not so important tabs in it.

    More than that : once it is crashed, it stays like this.
    And when you add ANOTHER tab ... it simply disappear, because it is closed AND not stored.
  • It is far better than browsers native bookmark features. However there is quite a bit of resource usage during normal browsing (not when sending tabs to onetab or loading onetab tabs) according to firefox's task manager. It clearly isn't just jotting down URL's when you press the button which is both a privacy and performance concern.
    Also if you restore tabs from onetab too fast (and have it set up so tabs are deleted once restored) you lose tabs.
  • at start, i loose a lot of tab, would have rate 1 star.
    when you clic on the onetab icon, it store all tab that have been loaded. if you have tab still loading, you loose them.

    then why 4 stars ? 2 reasons :

    - In settings, you can choose to keep tabs stored when you call them back ! with this, I never have loose tab anymore

    - PLEASE please concider an option to store ONLY the current tab when clic on the icon !!!

    right now you have to right clic, go in submenu then select send only this tab... realy not conveignent :(((((((((
  • Hola. Me ha mejorado la gestión de las páginas abiertas enormemente.Súper útil.Gracias!!