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  • Total failure! I've had several hundreds tabs opened, so I've installed One Tab for Android Firefox to move them to the OneTab list. Result? 2 (two!) tabs saved, the rest is gone, without any option to restore. Thanks a lot, OneTab 😕
  • Why haven't I used this before? This tool is fantastic! I just wish I could make the background a bit darker.
  • Love This one
  • I also have OCD like a previous reviewer, and OneTab is just fantastic. It helps a LOT and you dont have to have OCD to use this, its great for anyone. Big thank you to the creator and of course 5 stars!
  • Now this is NICE! I love a nice clean workspace so this is absolutely perfect for me. Seriously! Others suffer from my OCD diagnosis. This extension just cleared my mind and my toolbar. I, as well as my victims are happy girl ;D
  • I don't usually rate or review stuff but this extension is an essential productivity tool for me.