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This is a brilliant addon for Firefox.
<br>There are only two minor issues - the latest version of Firefox no longer autocompletes the url when you press ctrl+enter (fixup function), and if you type 'localhost' into the url bar, instead of going to http://localhost, it does a google search for localhost, which is pesky if you're a developer and you're using it at work.<br><br>Otherwise, flawless!

(ctrl+enter adds www. .com to the url, so if you type google and press ctrl+enter it goes to It works in plain firefox and all other browsers and it worked with omnibar before firefox updated:)

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module ( 

I wasn't aware of the first where you say that it does not autocomplete. Fix for others will be made.

Edit: Check out the latest update Version at The two issues have been taken care of.