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There are people who believe you should not explore the dangerous the unknown of the internet. Then I remember my school teacher saying how many times apples have fallen on how many people? And it was Newton who made it because he experienced it personally.
And unless u experience it by yourself you will never know the truth of internet.
To do this u require
1. Lots of gears and guts
2. No script
3. Mozilla Firefox
This add-on acts as first line of defence and also last line of defence in many cases this has saved me Unknown number of times in unknown places .It just dosent allow any without your permission.It has advance options for advance users . You just need some commonsense to train a bit which I think u can do it with the help of searching around. Must for every Firefox user who cares for security in this mighty ocean of internet who dare to dive deep in this ocean.
Long live NO script long live Mozilla Firefox............

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