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  • questa estensione vi sconsiglio di usarla perché credo fa il (doppio gioco) mining all' oscuro sul pc dell' utente. e rallenta il pc e ho dovuto riavviare il pc varie volte.
  • barely notice it, just glad it's there.
  • Be careful - Add advertising in results of google search
  • doesnt work at eztvtorrent.com
  • ok
  • tres bien, sans ralentir le navigateur !
  • It works on https://coinhive.com/ (don't know if anywhere else) thank you !

    [Edit] I went on PB and didn't show blocking anything but my CPU usage didn't stress out so I assume my Ad-Blocker is doing the service or they are not mining. Well, it did work were tested so it works for me. Thank you, Emmy !
  • Helo
  • Doesn't stop the miners on The Pirate Bay.
  • It works great on Linux, never had a problem.

    I wish it would show the number of blocked miners in a more clear way. It is also not clear when it is enabled, clicking just toggles between red and black with no contextual information.
  • Did not work on specific websites
  • This carries the "Rightcoupon" add ware virus, etc
  • Не советую устанавливать данное дополнение, т.к. занимается фишингом.