501 notes
  • I can't add new or edit old tiles
  • For the second time in a week, this add-on only displayed the first 9 entries of my list of 30 sites. The first time I reinstalled the add-on and everything worked OK. This time, my sites were gone. Sorry guys, not good enough - uninstalling permanently.
  • Super great Add-On to adjust the tiles as needed!
  • Установил это дополнение как домашнюю \ стартовую страницу, в последние 3 месяца при запуске Мозиллы стартовый экран пуст, как это исправить?
  • This add-on brings back something similar to the old new-tab that was used before Quantum, with the big squares and snapshots of sites instead of icons, but with more options. Been using it for months without issues.
  • I love this add on because it allows customization of tiles and links. Lately it's been acting up out of nowhere though and when I click a new tab it comes up blank. I wish it would work like it did for so long, nearly flawless. If there is something I should do to make it work again I hope the developer will post something to help me with it.
  • Great app.

    Some people have complained they have issues, so here are some fixes:
    1. If you don't get thumbnail to show up, go to website, then click on the New Tab Tools -> Capture Thumbnail button. Then reload New Tab.
    2. If you want to pin specific pages in specific locations, first unpin all pages, then set them to desired settings by setting the page and title in settings, move them to desired locations if necessary, and lock them (pin them) all in place.
  • No thumbnail images.
  • Somewhat works, but is more of an entry for r/softwaregore than a useful tool.

    For example, you can pin items - but if you pin them, the app removes ALL control of where they go, and sends all icons pinned to random, nonsensical locations. You cannot control what order your tiles are in if you want them to be persistent.

    To top that off, thanks to the app grabbing random and unrelated history from any point in the past to fill up the screen, it will be filled with irrelevant nonsense if you don't pin items.

    Sadly, this is a really poorly thought out app that doesn't function in a useful or even correct way. I only downloaded it to change the home screen background colour, and the app disappointed even me. 2/10 at least it does something I guess?
  • this is a snake solid app.

    should be a "Featured Extension"