526 notes
  • Many ways to customize it but rather high memory usage as shown by Firefox Task Manager for a "static" addon when compared to most other addons in my Firefox. Hope the developer can further optimize it.
  • I liked using it for awhile, but recently switched to Infinity New Tabs. I found this extension just didn't work more than half of the time and updating icons was just a pain.
  • Familiar story, I'm afraid......... I'm just expected to know how to use it.......... some innate instinct is supposed to kick-in, perhaps??? It didn't.........
    Some instructions would be nice, if you're going make an extension, then do it properly.......... The fact that this kind of slack, half-arsed way of going about things, is so common within the industry shouldn't be seen as making it acceptable........... it isn't!
    You often get written + pictorial instructions for how to negotiate a can of pop....... which I only mention to provide some perspective....
  • I've missed this tab tool for the longest time. I was getting "that weird error" message, and decided to create a new profile and now it works again. I can finally remove "the other one" I was using as it lacked in a lot of functionality. Then I re-sync'd my account, and back to almost normal, just have to fix a few things. But I'm so glad it's working again.
  • Too confusing. Settings are not self explanatory.
  • I really appreciate the time you took to make this
  • Great. would be better if folder is allowed
  • I've recently upgraded from FF57 to Quantum (since the add-ons' Big Glitch) and New Tab Tools is a great replacement to SuperStart on which I relied on heavily.

    In future developments however, would it be possible to group several tiles in one "file", as well as have the option of a "blank tile" that one could use as a separator between tiles.

    Finally, useful tip for the dummies like me: If you want New Tab Tools as your Homepage, just drag the add-on icon in the address bar over the Homepage icon... et voilà!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!
  • "Refresh Firefox" destroys this add on. It was great for me, and I use it every day. Now I have not been able to restore it to my set up or to get it to function. I don't get why Mozilla is so HOSTILE to its users. Mozilla eats the CPU like mad; try to fix it? You get your best add-ons destroyed. This add-ons features should be integrated into Firefox anyway. Why would you not want your dozen or so most frequently used websites easily available? Stupid Mozilla.