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  • Did not work! file:///X:/we.have.problem.htm
  • New Tab Homepage installed fine. But when open a new Tab I get a blank page instead of my home page. I've read some of your suggested fixes but they are far too involved for me. Why can't New Tab Hompage force installation of whatever home page is set in Firefox. Is there a simple fix? My HOME page is a local system file: file:///C:/!home.htm Now I find: "Didn't seem to work at first, until I found out that due to Firefox restrictions, local files cannot be handled by add-ons. My homepage was a local file..." Why in heavens name not??? I set MY home page why can't it open MY file??? I don't have a server to set a remote file, surely there is a solution for this nonsense?
  • It does what it says it will do, except not always. It can't load localfiles, which means you can't use custom HTML, JS homepages that are local on the machine. If this is possible to implement that would be a very welcome feature
  • Great !!!
  • very simple add but very useful
  • As other stated, does not work with a local file/homepage.
  • I didn't like how the new tab option within Firefox were now that customizable, but now I can finally have google as my new tab and homepage!