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  • Amazing Product!
  • Using Nano Defender + uBlock - working perfectly! Thank you.
  • Nano Defender and Nano Adblocker are the perfect wedding. Goodbye Ublock and Adblock! Nano Adblocker is more efficient than both
  • Working fine without installing it using those extra steps for ublock. Should I still install it?
  • great . surfing without worry everywhere :)
  • Doesn't work, I performed all the installation steps for uBlock Origin, cleared the cache but the anti-adblock pop-up still shows up (at least on wiadomosci.wp.pl).
    Next time, whenever a site not working, report it via Quick Issue Reporter, or manually to the support site. We will resolve it only when we received report of not-working site, while this review is not a good place for reporting.

    We will look for it this time, please wait next version for the fix.
  • Really makes a difference when used correctly with Nano AdBlocker or uBlock Origin. Works best, in my opinion, with Nano Adblocker. It's a great little add-on that protects your ad blocker. Hasn't caused too many noticeable problems probably because the Dev's appear to be working very hard to keep this app updated and running well. I have used this on both FireFox and Chrome. I highly recommend the us of theses two adblockers and no other ad blocking software at all.
  • pomaga ublock'owi usuwać reklamy.