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Pourquoi le module MyContents a-t-il été créé ?

Mozilla's browsers have the best Bookmark Managers, but there is a need for unique, personalized, customized organizing and sorting sites where the frequently (daily) used pages offer themselves on the top, divided into categories, while the others are lined up by usage frequency and other aspects.
Fast, smart search function offers the more rarely read, yet still important pages.
The application should be secure, easy to use and deploy.

Prochaine étape pour MyContents

I'm aiming for more intelligent contents organization and search. Perhaps additional functions will be incorporated, such as control-related programs (e.g.: downloads, etc.).
I am also considering to incorporate it with PIM, to create a kind of knowledge-base.

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Nom Laszlo Rozson
Pays Budapest, Hungary
Profession Software Developer
Utilisateur depuis December 9, 2011
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