Mouse House

I have been using Firefox for many years, and the majority of my themes have been your (MaDonna's) designs. This adorable design is the newest in my collection. I love bluebirds, mice (in art, if not real life anyway) and the springtime background. This was a much needed 'pick me up' after the polar vortex and storm after winter storm. My only wish is that the browser location bar wouldn't run right through both birds and the mices' faces. If the 'business end' of the browser were further below the design so I could view the whole scene in its entirety, that would be optimal; at least for me. I love it so much I'm keeping it anyway! Thank you, MaDonna, for your beautiful work. Please keep it up!

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I'm unusual in that I think mice are cute & I love the added birdies in this one as well!

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