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  • tahst good
  • Great tool but not working an firefox Quantum .
    Try my solution "simple-modify-headers" : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simple-modify-header/
    It should do the job
  • it's like no-one is interested in reliable, trustworthy, oss anymore :\ you're all using your browsers without addons nowadays? *sigh* anyway - modify-headers was _really_ helpful back in the day. thanks a lot for your effort in the past years gareth!
  • This "WAS" the best headers tool add-on, until Firefox Quantum.
    Now it has become an unusable legacy extension. Bummer!

    Please, please make this compatible with Firefox Quantum.
  • Fantastic
  • good!
  • nice
  • so good
  • PLEASE UPDATE, thanks
  • Please update to FF57
  • Update for FF57 plz :'(
  • 111
  • It' is very good
  • To prevent this from always re-adding itself to the toolbar, you can install Status-4-evar and put the icon on there. Then you can hide the Status Bar by right-clicking on the top toolbar section.
  • Overall a nice add-on but there appears to be no way to move the extension icon out of the toolbar permanently -- I tried completely removing the icon, I tried moving it to the menu. On the next Firefox start, the icon is always back, cluttering the toolbar.

    If every add-on I am using did the same ... there would be little space to type an address into my browser.

    The UI is so-so: editing a header is confusing (should not be in the main window but in a separate dialog), there are too many ways to disable just one or all filters, etc.

    Additionally, it would be great to be able to send particular headers only to some pages. (For example, there is a page where I send a user name via a header field. Totally inappropriate on any other page, glad I don't need to send a password too.)


    @parus-major: Ich glaube, sie haben den Sinn der Erweiterung nicht ganz verstanden -- sie ermöglicht es jedenfalls nicht, ihre IP-Adresse vor jemandem zu "verstecken". Stattdessen erlaubt sie, die Anfragen zu bearbeiten, die Ihr Browser an Webserver stellt, zum Beispiel: Erwarten Sie Seiten auf Deutsch oder Englisch? Haben Sie bereits ein Cookie von der Seite?
  • eher mangelhaft. Trots 2 Dutzend aktiver IP in der Filterliste, erkennen fast alle von mir getestete IP-Scanner im Netz die 'echte' IP des Clients! Da war wohl mehr der Wunsch Vater des Gedanken.
  • It's working very well! I don't understand why people give only 1 star, it's worth more.
  • You can't even match rules against url?
    The filtering feature is hilarious.
    Noob gonna noob I guess.
  • This addon was great back when it used to install. Sadly it doesn't install any more, no errors, it just fails to install.
    Firefox 45.0.1
    Windows 7 64 bit
  • Simplicity to set up and use, works perfectly. Only drawback is you have to disable filtering such as Privoxy which strips out referrer headers, leaving you open to ad's and spam cookies.
  • Does this come with any predefined headers? I needed to simulate that of mobile firefox.
  • Would it be possible to make button in toolbar a Start/Stop toggle? Now I need to click on dropdown icon and select in menu each time when I want to swtich on or off.
    But.. .still... excellent and 5 stars;)
  • Tired of doing this in Restclients all the time. Now I can save and use at one go.
  • Good. I would really like to see a way to modify incoming response headers as well.