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Very original approach, idea and fulfillment! Thank you!
But there are few things that I'd like to notice.
1. Import does not work and it is painful.
2. It is worth to add possibility for middle click for "Add phrase" - this action is used very often.
3. It is worth to allow reverse substitution too and even substitution in both directions.
4. It is worth to add the field with original, emphasized phrase to give ability to edit it too. Moreover - the dialog also will be simflified - we will not need the additional stage "Add phrase in native language" when no word is highlighted and "Add phrase" is pressed - it'll be unified dialog for both cases.
But anyway - thank you very much for such awesome addon!

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (0.724.1-signed). 

critique appreciated

(2) is a good idea; I'll implement it.
About (3); do you mean changing foreign language words to your native language?
I could use your help reproducing the bug you're experiencing with (1).
About (4): do you mean to put an extra text box in the dialog for adding a new word?

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