68 critiques pour ce module
  • Моя давно полюбившаяся тема - Аниме . Да и фон не бьёт в глаза . Спасибо разработчикам .
  • seher gut
  • i have it for years
  • very good!!!
  • I like it
  • das ist ia super
  • 不错哦...
  • I love it because of the color and the eyes. The letters on the tabs are white, so they are easy to read. it´s been my favorite theme for a long time now. I dont´t know why people only give 1 ore 2 Stars. I guess they have no taste.
    Thank you!
  • Super, la adoroooooo
  • It's great app i like it
  • This is beyond real! Thank you and greetings from Mirela Rupic.
  • Really like such anime themes. Just one of my passions.
  • 01 character of the shoulder is the reverse.
  • Замечательная тема.
  • Had this for years, still as great as ever.
  • is Hatzune Miku :D
  • Really good looking on dark themes.
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Love it Great work !
  • very good
  • nice job!
  • lovely eyes <3
  • So Beautiful... in Firefox Android App
  • love it :)
  • nothing to say...