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Great add-on, BUT there is a little BIG problem! After 10 minutes or so Firefox 4 crashes when it's not used. I have this problem since I installed this add-on.

edit: I thought it was this add-on that was causing the problem but after I deleted it (I first tried to disable it but after a restart it was still enabled, asking me to restart again and again) the problem of crashing after 5 to 10 minutes still occurred. I have this since I installed this add-on. But I can't say for sure it is the cause of it. I like the features of this add-on so I installed it again.The problem is not that big since it only crashes if I don't use FF for a while. FF bug report gave as crash reason: EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.15.1-signed). 

This is first time I hear this...I'm using Firefox4 myself with 53 installed extensions. Rarely restarting it, sometimes it's running non-stop for weeks. Never ever crashed on my computer...
Please submit a bug report at (or email me) and include your MP+ settings.