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  • I would give 10 stars if i could. MBg saved my arse today. Good looking out
  • Very good extension but it requires a lot of features.
    Please add:-
    1-I want to know the names of the blocked threats not only how many threats got blocked.
    2-All fingerprint types changer like
    Fingerprint types like: Canvas, Audio , WebGL, Hardware Fingerprint
    3-Block webRTC
    4-user-agent changer.
    5-IP changer.
    6-Timezone spoofing.
    7-location API spoofing.
  • Exelente Browser
    Thanks a lot for your feedback!
  • This is great. It misses some ads though, sometimes there are ads on the front page of youtube, or a TON on 'used sales' websites, like cars, or other stuff. But I'm sure they'll constantly be improving. One thing I'd like to see is the ability to turn off the 'number of ads blocked' on the icon. I dont need those numbers... I just need the icon. Other than that, its great! I love malwarebytes products!
    Thanks a lot for your extensive review! And I'll pass your feedback on to our developers.
  • (1) Kullanmak için e-posta adresi ile kayıt olmak gerekiyor! (2) Engelleme kategorilerindeki filtre listelerini görüntülemek ve liste ekleme ve çıkarma imkanı yok! (3) uBlock Origin ile birlikte yaptığım testte, engelleme başarı yüzdesi %25-30 düzeyinde.

    (1) It requires to register with your email address to use! (2) It is not possible to view or add and remove filter lists in blocking categories! (3) In my test with uBlock Origin, the percentage of blocking success is 25-30%.!!
    Thank you for taking the time to review our application. If you're having problems with our application we would like to help. Could you get in touch with us using this link? http://bit.ly/2wFbAXv
  • It's fine but I feel like other big extensions do the job better.
    Thanks for your feedback, Adam!
  • Well it Did some changes, i removed this add-on it but still good if you dont want to get scammed or get a malware easy firewall help too Is really good for chrome but not for firefox.
    Thanks a lot for your feedback!
  • ¡Fantastico! En el explorador Gracias a Malwarebytes.
    ¡Gracias por sus comentarios positivos!
  • 非常に高い精度で危険なサイトをブロックする