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  • Installé sur Macbook, tous les mails redirigés sont reçu comme spam; Sur Windows 10, les mêmes mails sont reçu sans problèmes. Y-a-t-il un réglage à faire ?

    Réponse du développeur

    There's probably a difference in the junk mail control settings between the Macbook and Windows 10.
    Check under Tools > Account Settings > [account] > Junk Settings if all settings are the same.
    Even if the settings are the same, behavior can still be different, e.g. when you have different training data for adaptive junk mail controls on the two computers or when your personal address books are different.
  • I've been this extension for years, and always does its job!
  • Previous version worked fine, this one makes the Redirect button in the Mail Redirect window greyed out and unavailable when I begin to type whatever in the Resend-To field.

    New version 0.9.6a1 is working now as fine as previously! Thanks a lot Onno!

    BTW, is it possible to fill Resend-From field with the message's Delivered-To account by default, not the first account from Thunderbird's list?

    Réponse du développeur

    This was caused by a function that got removed in Thunderbird 57.0a1 and was replaced by another function in Thunderbird 59.0a1.

    nsIScriptableDateFormat was removed and first replaced with Intl.createDateTimeFormat and later with Intl.DateTimeFormat.

    I've uploaded a new version to the development channel of AMO that solves this problem for beta users. Please go to AMO, scroll all the way to the bottom and click View classic desktop site, switch to Other Applications > Thunderbird on the top right, select/search Mail Redirect and scroll down again to open the Development Channel section and download version 0.9.6a1 and install it to your Thunderbird 57.0b* or 58.0b*.

    P.S. I try to determine to which account the original messages was sent and use that account as the default from address. If that doesn't work, please file a ticket at https://sourceforge.net/p/mailredirect/tickets/
  • Mail server gives an error:
    5.7.0 Failed to authorize the sender 1517494895-2z6Ljv0H5M-LZjiFfek 1517494895-cnw9fN8Bpu-LVqeibT9
    Check the message and try again (translate from Russian).

    Thunderbird Portable 38.7.1

    What is it?

    Réponse du développeur

    Hi, the error message you get is a server error. You have to check with your mail provider for the exact error. There can be many reasons for this error, but probably you've sent too many messages in a short period of time and you have to wait a bit to be able to send messages again. You can try to prevent this from happening, by setting the number of concurrent SMTP-connections to a lower value, for instance to 1 in Mail Redirect's Options.
  • works ok
  • Just a pity that it's not possible to use it within filters !

    Réponse du développeur

    I'm sorry, but adding this takes a lot of work, which I don't have at the moment. In the meantime, you can use the add-on RedirectFilter, which is also available from amo…
  • Being an admin, I need to redirect wrongly addressed emails very often. This tool is perfect!

    Als Admin muss ich sehr häufig fehlgeleitete Emails umleiten - Hiermit ein Kinderspiel!

    Still working with TB 52.x on Win10pro64.
  • Очень хорошее дополнение к Thunderbird.
    Единственное чего бы хотелось, это возможности сохранять перенаправленные письма в произвольную (указанную пользователем) папку, а не только в папку "отправленные".

    Réponse du développeur

    Thank you for your review and your suggestion to be able to specify a special Resent folder. It looks like a nice feature to me.
  • Based on the most recent review and the developer's response, the issue with the blank "Preview" pane is attributed to another Add-on. However, I do not have the other addon installed (Reply Monitor).

    Good but I got trouble Rated 3 out of 5 stars

    by canaglia.putiferio on September 13, 2016 · permalink · translate

    I'm trying your TB Add-on but I got problem; after I instelled it hide the preview message tool bar.. so now I can't see button for quick reply and so on..
    Can you help me !?

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    Conflict with Reply Monitor add-on

    by Onno Ekker (Developer) on September 14, 2016 · permalink · translate

    This seems to be caused by a conflict between Mail Redirect and Reply Monitor add-on. I'll try to find out if it can be fixed on my side, or better in Reply Monitor.

    Réponse du développeur

    Hi ILMostro7,
    I'm sorry to hear Mail Redirect also doesn't work for you. Can you please report the problem via the support website link or via e-mail? There I have room to ask more questions and get more info to see what's wrong in your case.
    Thanks in advance,
  • I'm trying your TB Add-on but I got problem; after I instelled it hide the preview message tool bar.. so now I can't see button for quick reply and so on..
    Can you help me !?

    Réponse du développeur

    This seems to be caused by a conflict between Mail Redirect and Reply Monitor add-on. I'll try to find out if it can be fixed on my side, or better in Reply Monitor.
  • Manually redirects fine...but I was looking to be able to set up a filter that would automatically redirect messages meeting certain criteria. There is no "redirect" option in the filters menu of choices (I can only "forward".)

    Réponse du développeur

    Hi, this is some functionality that is on my radar, but it's not easy to implement and I haven't got the time to really dive into it. Adding filter action isn't the hard part, but sending in the background is…
  • Расширение Mail Redirect 0,8,7 не работает при пересылке с ящика mail.ru, с gmail.com все работает отлично.
    mail.ru отвечает ошибкой Ошибка отправления почты. Почтовый сервер ответил: Message was not accepted -- it contains invalid headers. More specially, 'From:' header must match user you are sending mail from. See http://help.mail.ru/mail-help/mailer/popsmtp for details.. Проверьте сообщение и попробуйте снова.
    Что можно сделать?
    А Версия Mail Redirectа тоже не работает любая пересылка. Ошибка " не является адресом электронной почты, так как он написан не в форме пользователь@сервер. Вы должны исправить его перед отправкой сообщения."

    Réponse du développeur

    Please check your error log in version 0.8.8a1 and send relevant information to me. See http://mailredirect.sourceforge.net/support.html for more help.
  • I tried it on Earlybird 47.0a2 (2016-03-22)
    not working.
    I just run ahead the schedule. Thanx anyway! Such a tiny thing, but so necessary!!!

    Réponse du développeur

    Hi, thank you for your review! I've uploaded Mail Redirect 0.8.8a1 which fixes this issue. Since you're ahead of schedule I guess you don't mind too much running a alpha version… Go to Mail Redirect on addons.mozilla.org and click on Development Channel on the bottom of the page to download the new release.

    Version 0.8.8a1 contained an error for Thunderbird 38 and lower, so I released 0.8.8a2…
  • A standard feature that should have been present in Thunderbird. Luckily, this add-on comes to the rescue, and does the job well. I also like the fact that it does not mess around with the mail, and is a true "redirect".
  • Very useful for me. Does exactly what it should. Thank you!
  • For years now this add-on has used "bounce" in the description, as in "Allow to redirect (a.k.a. "bounce") mail messages to other recipients." "Bouncing" has a very clear meaning in English tech circles when discussing email. It means bouncing back to the original sender.

    This add-on doesn't do that, and it's very confusing for people searching for an add-on that does bounce. You can look at the previous reviews and find others that have installed this add-on, only to be disappointed that it doesn't do what they think it should do based on the description.

    The developer needs to change the description to remove the word "bounce" completely and save us all a lot of time and confusion.

    Réponse du développeur

    "bounce" was also used in mutt mail client. That's why, years ago, I put this term in the description.
    Now mutt use "remail" rather than bounce. We will change the description in the next update. Thanks for your feedback!
  • Thanks, this is a much needed Add-On; providing a feature that should been in the stock T'Bird issue.

    One small detail in need of attention is that no redirect option appears in the 'Perform These Actions' drop down in the 'Filter Rules' dialogue
  • Great Addon!!! Would be perfect if supports Office 365 accounts.
  • I mostly wish to redirect (bounce) an email to the sender, but the senders email address does not appear in the box, I have to insert it myself, a message that the mail was not required could also be added.

    Réponse du développeur

    Sorry, but this extension is not for this purpose. To bounce back letting the sender think the address is unknown, would require complete other logic (and doesn't have much use for spammers anyway) and changing the message by saying the mail was not required is also not according to the specs of redirecting. You should use a normal reply message for that.
  • Muy buena !...
  • Hey, this is a great addon. It would be only greater if there were an additional button when reading message to redirect-to.

    EDIT: Thanks!

    Réponse du développeur

    You can customize either the toolbar or the message header box of a reading window/tab to show the Redirect button. See also the screenshots as displayed here on the add-ons site.
  • This is one of the core functions of a good mail client. Thanks a lot to the developers for this great add-on.
  • This is a great addon and provides a function that is vital to business users. It worked fine with Daily 35, but I updated today to Daily 36 and the Redirect button works but there is no message to redirect and cannot assign a recipient. I think this same scenario happened somewhere back around version 24. I know this post may be a bit premature, but since it worked fine with 35, I wanted to share my experience. I also, in realizing how important I value this addon, just made a contribution and encourage all users to do so. If we want this feature to continue, let's all support it. I should have done this years ago. Thanks.

    Réponse du développeur

    Thank you for your review and for your contribution! Development of this add-on doesn't rely on contributions (otherwise I would have quit long ago :-)), but it's always nice to see reward for your work, both in terms of a positive review as in a contribution.

    This problem was caused by bug 1001090 being solved in Thunderbird 35 and I have fixed it in Mail Redirect 0.8.5...
  • VERY GOOD and useful AddOn, used in the last years with pleassure.

    Now, since TB V31.x (Maybe earlier, dont know) the Redirect Button was inactive, greyd out.
    Cant press the Redirect Button.
    I couldnt find a Way to answer below your Answer.
    I meant the Button in the redirect Window
    and as you mentioned, i have a default recipient,
    and it worked after i have deleted the default recipient.

    Thank You for this Hint !

    Réponse du développeur

    Hi pros,
    Thank you for your review!
    There's a Redirect button on the main window, to open the redirect window and there's a Redirect button on the redirect window to send the message. Which one doesn't work?
    The latter is grayed out when you have default recipients, but that bug should be fixed in Mail redirect 0.8.4.
    Version 0.8.4 has been approved a few days ago, so you can use the default recipients again the way you used to do...
  • thanks a lot - good job!