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  • How to include multiple rows from CSV file in one email?
    For example:
    1. I wish to send list of items shipped to many customers via mail merge. So email should look like
    Dear XXX
    Today your order shipper via FedEx #99999.
    Item ABC, Qty1
    Item PQR, Qty 2
    Item TUV, Qty 5

    2. I wish to remind customer for releasing payment of outstanding invoices. Email will look exactly like one above, but only Invoice details will appear in a list

    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance
  • Please, add to the description. When using on Windows with .CSV, then, after saving the .CSV, it's better to reopen it in a text editor and save it in UTF-8, and after that choose UTF-8 in the add-on's dialog window. Otherwise there may be some charset problems or even errors in sending emails.
  • Excellent add-on for sending customized emails to many people at once. However it would be great if it would allow nested variables. For example,

    Pluralizing numbers:
    {{NumProducts|==|1|1 product|{{NumProducts}} products}}, which would use the text "1 product" if "NumProducts" is 1, or else it would display "{{NumProducts}} products" if it is not 1.

    Either one variable or another variable:
    {{Name||{{Company}}|{{Name}}}} which would use the text of "Company" if "Name" is empty, or else use the text of "Name"

    URL containing string:
    {{PromoCode|||Click on http://www.example.com/promo/{{PromoCode}} for a {{PromoDiscount}}% discount off your next purchase}} which would add this text if the "PromoCode" is not empty.
  • This is really good - and could be even better:

    (Alexander, you seem to be German, so I'll be lazy):

    Scheinbar hat Thunderbird die eigenen Maßnahmen zur Überprüfung der EMails auf Gültigkeit verbessert. Zumindest bekomme ich heutzutage reichlich Fehlermeldungen noch bevor die Email rausgegangen ist.

    Mail Merge wird durch diese Meldung im Sendeprozess unterbrochen, wenn man es nicht gleich merkt wird mitunter auch der ganze Sendeprozess abgebrochen. Das ist sehr lästig. Die Lösung wäre ein Überspringen und Ausgabe eines Sende/Fehlerprotokolles. Vorschlag: Ausgabe als CSV-Datei, die dann direkt überarbeitet werden kann (Tippfehler korrigieren, zum nochmal probieren, oder einfach aufheben als Dokumentation).

    PS.: Die Bewertung "Excellent mais" hat das Gleiche zum THema.
  • Je suis novice et j'ai expédié un message à partir d'une liste de +- 20 noms en utilisant .csv.
    Mais si une adresse est erronée (courriel) alors tout le processus semble stoppé. Je n'ai pas encore trouvé le moyen de ne pas recommencé tout le processus autrement qu'en refaisant une nouvelle liste (.csv)
  • I've used this program for years. It's quite feature-filled and useful.

    I use this sparingly, not every day. So sometimes I forget which settings work and which do not. This has led to two high-stress problems for me recently.

    First, I always forget how to get attachments to work, and I struggle to format the .csv file correctly. The best luck I've had is to make sure that a double-quote is around every text field in the csv file. But I've had trouble getting even this to work before.

    The second problem sent me in a panic earlier today. To my memory, I thought that the default send setting on mail merge was to save everything as a draft that I can review before sending. I realize there's an option to select this, but I thought it was the default, and I ended up sending a bunch of letters I didn't review. This turned out to have fairly bad consequences in this case, actually, and in any event was an unpleasant surprise.

    These are really my problems, and shouldn't reflect poorly on the program. But it could be improved by making it more idiot proof: making "save as draft" the default setting and having a simpler way to associate file paths with other data for attachments.
  • ...you can be certain the product has earned it.
    MailMerge is a deceptive add-on because it's simplicity to use masks a very feature rich functionality that I have only begun to explore. I have a couple of clients who are going to be even more delighted by MailMerge than I am, if that's possible.
  • Excellent in every way - functionality, ease of use and documentation.

    Been using it with Send Later extension once every month to send 500 to 700 customized emails for more than a year (non-profit purpose) and it has never failed, never crashed. It's actually a pleasure to see it working - merging, queuing and sending emails one by one in a very smooth fashion.

    Big thanks to the developer for putting in the time and effort to develop and maintain it. The world is a better place because of people like you.

    This extension deserves 10 stars out of 5.
  • I have had hard time writing the same email individually.
    It took me one hour and above to understand usage.^^; as a novice.
  • It took me about half an hour to figure this out, but it is actually very easy to use with an address book. I just create an email with multiple email addresses as usual and then run Mail Merge and it generates a personalized email for each recipient.
  • Very happy with this tool. A few things can be a little tricky, but once you understand how to configure your email and merge file, it worked perfectly.
  • We've been using Mail Merge for several years to manage the distribution of press releases - and it has never failed. It's versatile, with conditional processing, and enables us to use csvs exported from spreadhseets of contacts.

    It's a superbly well built and useful add-on.

    Highly recommened
  • ...it just works!

    - using debian 8 and 9, 64bit - thunderbird latest and this extension latest.
  • Since 2017-08-29 version 4.9.0 is broken on Seamonkey 2.48. The current version 4.9.1 works as fine as the former version 4.8.0. Thanks to the author for his fast reaction.
  • MailMerge v.4.6.1 works exactly as described for merge from CSV file. Thanks for this addon (Win 10 platform)
  • Gott sei Dank habe ich dieses Add-on gefunden und kann damit meinen ganzen Verein mit personalisierten Mails versorgen.
  • Attention! With address book you need to insert all email addresses to "To:" manually!

    With csv you need a complete CSV-file with first line = header line, eg. First,Last,xmail, .... then you have to insert to "To:" {{xmail}}

    I lost a lot time with that, the autor explained it to me by email. :)

    Debug-Window: extra -> debugging console
  • Concerning the claim that there is no way to use special language characters in a .csv-file: If you change the character set to "Windows-1252" in the 'Mail Merge' window, you can use special characters like ü, ä, ö as well. Excellent add-on, it's saving me tons of time.
  • Working fine! It's amazing! A real help. Thanks a lot!
  • Didn't work the first time I installed. I spent a frustrating couple of hours trying to find MY errors. Removing, restarting the PC and reinstalling fixed it, it would seem, as the same data set worked perfectly afterwards.
  • Ich habe Verteilerlisten angelegt, Eine davon hat fast 200 Empfänger, die alle nicht öffentlich erscheinen sollen, also im BCC liegen. Das Versenden der Rundmails an diese Liste funktioniert praktisch genau so unkompliziert, wie das "normaler" Mails. Toll!
  • Dieses Add-on ist eine große Hilfe und bietet hervorragende Möglichkeiten der Anpassung. Uneingeschränkte Empfehlung!
  • У этого расширения есть поддержка русского языка ?
    И можно ли при рассылке задавать интервал времени для отправки писем ?
  • Even accepts variables in the href attribute of links!
    With a "send later" option, the addon could be perfect. A must-have for a quite small list and maybe more!
  • I really appreciate this module, and I use it intensively for mailing to students and colleagues. My typical mailing size is 20, driven by a rather complex CSV configuration file with a dozen of columns. It works perfectly.

    I have a suggestion: adding a mean to exclude certain lines of the CSV file to be included in the processing. It could be for instance is some variable is defined. This would enable partial mailing much more easily than today.