73 notes
  • because your privacy matters far less than our profit margin -- signed, the multi-million dollar mozilla foundation
  • Hate it.
  • Mozilla is not better than Google. It's maybe worse, because we expect it from Google but not from Mozilla. Mozilla has no ethics.
  • Firefox, You just lost a lot of your loyal users...
  • I don't want this, and it keep enabling itself on every machine i use..
  • I sent a bunch of people at my work on a wild goose chase for a phising email problem because this extension was added on without permission or any type of warning about what it does. This was a poor way to promote a product.
  • Thank you for violating our trust with this one, Mozilla. I was considering watching the show but after this Mr. Robot can go take a flying leap.
  • For us:
    1) It self-enabled
    2) It injected text and a link back to mozilla, right in the middle of an outgoing web-mail.
  • Installed without user consent.
  • Strange but nice!