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This review is for 1.3.0 and replaces my previous reviews.

Linkificator is an actively supported extension and shows steady improvement between versions. The developer is responsive, takes bug reports seriously and open to suggestions (that is not to say that the developer will always agree with your ideas, but they will be considered).

In general, this version feels snappier than previous ones, and more usable with the automatic reparsing on on/off and the addition of left/middle/right-click recognition (but see below).

I would like to thank the author for the add on and the ongoing support.

Idiosyncrasies and problems:
* The right-click/left-click operations feel reversed. The expectation is for the left-click to perform the main operation and for the right-click to pop up the menu (ideally, all 3 clicks would be customizable with a "menu" being one of the options).
* False positives (for example: a score of 8.5/10 or a similar math expression would get linkified).

Areas for future improvement:
* Having a separate on/off state for each window/tab (like Linkification).
* Automatic reparsing on Javascript events that reload or hide/show parts of a page (case in point: slashdot discussions).
* Right-clicking on toolbar icon should present a menu with common operations (like Linkification).
* More compatibility improvements (see for example http://piro.sakura.ne.jp/xul/textlink/index.html.en#testcases).
* Balancing aggressive detection, false positives and speed is difficult. Perhaps having several modes (quick, safe, aggressive) will solve that.

To summarize, I would like to give it a better than a 4-star review, but I feel it is not quite yet at the 5-star point. Although, with the accumulation of steady incremental fixes, it is getting pretty close -- I have a feeling that I will amend the review and the mark soon.

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