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  • Thanks for fix the problem of the preferences!!!

    Now, all function perfect.
  • : Error de lectura XML: entidad no definida
    Ubicación: chrome://linkalert/content/preferences.xul
    Número de línea 191, columna 5:

    I have Firefox 3.6 spanish version.
  • Unable to install.

    Download error - 228
  • Preferences not working (FF 3.6 spanish)
  • Preferences are broken. Locale is fr.
  • cant wait till you update it for 3.6
  • This is a great add-on. I actually prefer the tooltip display in the latest version. In the previous version the icon was always partially hidden by the cursor. Nice work!
  • new tooltip method is annoying!

    unable to change some preferences - can de/select checkboxes, but changes are not saved even after FF restart.

    on the file ext. settings page, there's options at the bottom that i cannot see - the UI is not tall enough (i use normal font sizes)
  • Very nice. If you don't like the tool-tips (as I don't), use the version here Version — August 8, 2009 — 96 KB and see the comments against it. Fine with FF 3.5.5
  • Same as SWMartian
    It was better months ago when icons were displayed beside the mouse cursor, not in tooltips. Tooltips have the hateful behavior to stay in place, not following the mouse, and often not hiding when someting else comes inbetween. Too bad.
  • I miss having this extension -- it used to work very well and was nice to have. Now that the extension uses tooltips, the alerts do not go away no matter what and are way too annoying. I can't use the old version because I also use auto-updater. Since auto-updater is much more useful, I've regrettedly had to disable Link Alert. I keep hoping that it will get fixed, but alas...
  • thx for
  • worked better before dev started using tooltips. often tooltips from link alert persist and don't go away. also tooltips from link alert overlap tooltips from web pages and there's no way to position them any longer.

    like the ext., but it needs work.
  • This used to be one of my favourite extensions, but now the tooltip icons make it almost unusable. I use the extra large mouse cursors in Windows and you can hardly even see the icon as it's hidden under the cursor. You now have to make an effort to see what the link is and can no longer really see the icon at a glance. I really wish there was a way to chose whether the icon was shown the old way or not.
  • This used to be a great little extension, but the "tooltip" icons that won't go away even when FF is in the background are really annoying, and seriously get in the way of other work. Downgrading to an earlier version only works if you're willing to shut off auto-updater for all other extensions... Submitting a version isn't helpful for the same reason. Auto-updater apparently goes by version number rather than by date.
  • Yeah, I have to agree with Otti. I loved this extension, but I can't keep it as it is...
  • I really love this extension and used it for years, but now I have to switch it off.

    When editing content in Typo3 RTE (rich text editor), Link Alert V 0.9 destroys the links by adding the attribute tooltip="linkalert-tip" to the a tag. This extra attribute forces Typo3 to ignore the link while rendering the content, so e.g. links to mount points may break and RealURL does not translate them. In Joomla the attribute is added too, there it does not break links but destroys code validity.

    Add a domains exclude option, an option to ignore iFrames (most editors are using iFrames) or best, a black list for links nested in dom elements with given attributes (class"typo3-TCEforms" in Typo3 or class="adminform" and class="editor" in Joomla).
  • I seem to be in good company to dislike the new version (missing transparent background), so I downgraded back to as well...
  • Great, helps me to know what kind (new window, java, ...) is a link of BEFORE I click it.
  • Great extension but this tooltip version bugs me - it instantly shows tooltip text instead of delaying and stays onscreen as noted by others.

    I'm downgrading to

    Please revert to the good old-fashioned way!
  • Version 8.2.1 (NON-tooltip) for Firefox 3.5:

    As I dislike those tooltip icons as well, I've bumped the precedent version 8.2.1 of Link Alert (and removed the update-function to avoid ver 9.0). You can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/lnzww7
  • The old versions worked perfectly, but the in the newest version the tooltips mostly stay on the screen until you click on the tooltip, even when Firefox is minimized, the tooltip stays on the desktop or another application.
  • I must throw in my bits for the tool tips as well. I use iGoogle as my home page and all the RSS feeds are showing double tool tips. The one that pops up as part of the add-on and the 'normal' one. The one in this add-on strings along across the screen with no line breaks, and it's virtually unreadable. These RSS feeds have their little blurb as tool tips, so they are long. Also, the tool tip that pops up as part of the add-on, doesn't seem to go way.

    I'm going to go back the previous version until this is fixed. Until then, I'm giving this a two star, because as it is now, this is un-useable.
  • This was my favorite extension. Now I have to hack the old version to make it usable in 3.5.1. The tooltips look AWFUL, and the removal of support for RSS links, something I liked having identified for me, is simply inexplicable. Five stars for the idea. One star for the mistakes that led to this new version.
  • One more voice to the choir.

    Please remove the tooltips, or at least add an option to choose the display method.