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  • I find this extension to be very informative about where you could be tracked.
    Please update so that it is not lost when Firefox 57 arrives.
  • graph doesn't render objects if google ( The primary offender ) is blocked,
  • Good
  • Doesn't add on
  • Logo on the toolbar removed by error, does not appear again; how to show it again on toolbar?
    Depends how it was removed

    1. If the Add-on was disabled, you can restore it going to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions and Clicking "Enable"

    2. If the Add-on was un-installed, you can re-install it from addons.mozilla.org

    3. If just the icon was removed from the toolbar, you can restore it by clicking the toolbar's 3-line icon Menu -> Customize, and drag the Lightbeam icon back to the main toolbar
  • This is useful but can pull on performance of a low end machine. Needs to be refined a bit more.
  • I just have my first visit and have not had time to evaluate but I possibly will find this very helpful. I will share my Experian every and review with you. So far I am very impressed wth the whole mazolla and Firefox experience and options are great. I will be in touch. Thank you
  • 5 Stars
  • I've had a hard time with the firewall Android app but I haven't had enough time to deal with this one
  • This extend is fantastic.
  • Great add-on,This add-on will help me alot , Thanks a alot.
  • If you want to really deep dive into your tracking details this add-on will generate the data for you.
    I'm planning to use it to do some exploratory analyzes with this.
  • Nice
  • Great concept but way too slow and laggy.
  • buenisimo
  • My extension gotta hold like a thirty. I got my clique and they represent this like a nigga wearing jersey's.