610 notes
  • It's not working anymore with the "always use private browsing mode" setting enabled.
    To make lightbeam back to work i sadly need to uncheck that setting.

    Moreover the list view is now missing.

    Waiting a new release
  • Overall great but I'm not able to select+copy third-party hostnames from the graph that I want to add to my uBlock filter list; those hostnames generally are more difficult to be typed manually.
  • I love to amaze people by opening LightBeam and showing them this beautiful and insightful graph of websites. The perfect tool to illustrate the importance of taking privacy measures (e.g. activating Tracking Protection, changing the cookie settings, installing privacy-enhancing add-ons). Very happy to see this add-on live on. Good job!
  • Hi, why are the bubbles not containing the favicon of the website any more?
  • Generally a good extension, but unfortunately not available for Android.
  • Disappears randomly in latest versions, but is restored after quitting FF window (not the app) and then reopening.

    More important, graph doesn't fit inside page, can't be scrolled and randomly becomes much too small, or much too large and is unusable.

    Also why no more list view?

    Almost completely useless, ready to uninstall.

    OS X 10.11.6/FF52.4 ESR

    EDIT: Discovered that graph can in fact be zoomed in and out with mouse dragging left or right or up or down. Takes effect after some delay, but deals with the clipping issue and makes Lightbeam usable after all. Revising my rating. Many thanks to the developer, who has been extremely prompt and responsive.
    > Disappears randomly in latest versions, but is restored after quitting FF window (not the app) and then reopening.

    I'm not sure what is happening here however I suspect this could be due to other add-ons on the system you have perhaps. There shouldn't be anything that is hiding the button ever.

    > More important, graph doesn't fit inside page

    The graph should be zoomed in and out with a mouse wheel or touch pad scrolling action, would it help if we list the zoom level?

    > Also why no more list view?

    This is on our roadmap. It was a time constraint of rewriting the extension before November.
  • YouTube
  • I am happy that the new extension lives on!
    The beginning is good, more will follow.
  • Bez pierdolenia.
  • Permet de faire le tour de tous les trackers présents sur les sites visités.
  • I find this extension to be very informative about where you could be tracked.
    Please update so that it is not lost when Firefox 57 arrives.
  • graph doesn't render objects if google ( The primary offender ) is blocked,
  • Good
  • Doesn't add on
  • Logo on the toolbar removed by error, does not appear again; how to show it again on toolbar?
    Depends how it was removed

    1. If the Add-on was disabled, you can restore it going to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions and Clicking "Enable"

    2. If the Add-on was un-installed, you can re-install it from addons.mozilla.org

    3. If just the icon was removed from the toolbar, you can restore it by clicking the toolbar's 3-line icon Menu -> Customize, and drag the Lightbeam icon back to the main toolbar