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  • Lightbeam is broken in FF58 beta. No content is shown in the main pane, and the Tracking Protection button is off (again). Please update the extension for FF58.
    Support email was sent, but has been ignored by now.
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  • Az igen! Nem semmi.
    umatrix kikapcsolása után és persze 3-4 weblap frissítését követően frankón elkezdte kirajzolni a kapcsolatokat. 26 third lap kapta meg a 4 frissített lapom adatait.
    Köszi a cuccot, demonstrációra kiváló eszköz! <3

    By Morfyum
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  • To the Lightbeam developers who post here regularly...

    I previously used an older version of Lightbeam on my PC with Firefox 56 with mostly good results.

    I updated to Firefox 57.0.1 yesterday, then installed Lightbeam 2.0.4 after uninstalling the previous version, because the older version of Lightbeam had major issues when using 57.0.1.

    I am having the same issues using 2.0.4 with 57.0.1. The "List" button no longer appears in the upper-left hand corner. Clicking on "Graph" does nothing and none of the visited websites appear in the "Graph" visualization. Without the List button, the List screen is unavailable.

    I've since learned Firefox 57 uses an entirely new engine. Since 57 was released a month after 2.0.4, the compatibility issue is no surprise.

    My question to you is this. Will Lightbeam release a PC version that is compatible with 57 and, if so, when?
  • UPDATE: 03/14/2019
    Wonderful! the graph is back and tracking web interaction quite efficiently now (upped to two stars). But the most powerful feature has been removed–the ability to select a domain previously connected to and BLOCK IT! This add-on is now informational only (besides the obscure Tracking Protection switch). And where did list view go?


    This add-on is a completely-dead dud!

    Perhaps another add-on or setting is interfering with it, but this extension no longer works with Firefox 57+. The data and graph are blank and the Tracking Protection switch does not stay on.

    Existing problems prior included blocked domains eventually unblocking themselves and difficulty getting graph to appear.

    Other than that, I loved this extension before!
  • It's not working anymore with the "always use private browsing mode" setting enabled.
    To make lightbeam back to work i sadly need to uncheck that setting.

    Moreover the list view is now missing.

    Waiting a new release