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  • I do not understand the images or what to do with the information
  • Un être averti en vaut 2
  • I am sick to death of adverts and when I make a comment in some newspaper I have noticed they have been into my site as orders I have made online then appear on the newspaper! Example:If I order a pair of shoes, those shoes appear ON THE NEWSPAPER COMMENTS PAGE! Clearly it has tracked me. Its what I want stopped as find it very annoying I can't order something without the world knowing about it.
  • respect de la vie privé
  • Good
  • I can only give this 3 stars at the moment, because it doesn't *appear* to work on v59.0.2. It looks great in the pics though, so 3 stars! :)
    It might not be working for me because everything I do at the moment is using either MAC containers or Temporary containers, and I'm guessing that this extension is focusing on the default *container*, which I'm not touching. I also have Tracking Protection set to *always on*, although I haven't got any other ad-blocking type extensions.
    If it is a because of the Containers, then I hope that an option will be given to choose which container to analyse. I'd love to get an idea of how well containerisation works – with and without Tracking Protection and/or other ad-blockers etc.
    It would be nice if it could analyse the Private Browsing *container* as well, while it's in use.
    I'll be happy to do some testing if it helps! :)
  • Graph view, It shows nothing in Firefox 59.0.2 when running the Firefox extension "Temporary Containers." Lightbeam isn't working because I am browsing each different URL in separate containers? So does this mean browsing each URL in a separate container is so private that even Facebook can't follow me around?

    I just tested it by browsing a few URLs outside of separate containers and Lightbeam shows them. WELLA!!

    I raised my review from one star to four.

    To get five stars I'd like to see come conformation from you regarding the privacy of using separate containers in regards to Lightbeam not showing any URLs that have been browsed using separate containers.
  • I love the visualization of the deep web
  • Generally an nice idea and a nice tool to show what is linked. You will wonder. Right now it has some issues, like some others mentioned already. I have also performance problems because of all the node that are shown since sep 2017
  • Muito bom