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  • This add-on would be much greater if it worked with my Firefox Sync account as an app, like to sync data I want to keep track of.
  • I only see graph view listed. Looks at the graph slows down my modern computer so bad I basically freezes firefox. This is totally unacceptable. There is no way to do a long term data collection without slowing down my computer to where it is basically unusable on the graph view.
  • I only see "graph" so where is the clock or list? did they remove it? because it's the only reason why I downloaded it.
  • This really opens your eyes.
  • Nothing to say!
  • Love it, keeps the "286" moving smoothly, it like taking the star crud out of your anti matter injectors.
    That's like slicker than cat sh!t on vinyl floors? it a Texas thing!
  • On sait tous qu'on est traqué. c'est pas la peine de faire un outil pour ca. Ce qui ns intéresse serait de pouvoir VRAIMENT désactiver la collecte de nos données.