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  • Excellente cette extension seul souci c'est que depuis quelques semaines elle fait planter mon pc, je pense que c'est du au poids des données accumulé depuis ces derniers mois. Dommage car inutilisable quasiment, quand ça se produit.
  • Good
  • Good
  • This add-on would be much greater if it worked with my Firefox Sync account as an app, like to sync data I want to keep track of.
  • I only see graph view listed. Looks at the graph slows down my modern computer so bad I basically freezes firefox. This is totally unacceptable. There is no way to do a long term data collection without slowing down my computer to where it is basically unusable on the graph view.
  • I only see "graph" so where is the clock or list? did they remove it? because it's the only reason why I downloaded it.