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ThrillZ don't lie please.

Lastpass has no option whatsoever to store your passwords on your own computer instead of their servers. Saying they are encrypted doesn't change anything, more so because lastpass is not open source, and no one has any reason to trust them, just because they say so. And even if it was true, storing passwords online is the worst thing you can do to your passwords. Why? because lastpass admitted that they have gotten hacked very recently.

Don't listen to these individuals obviously working for lastpass, store your passwords in your own computers or write them down, safest place they can be. NEVER EVER give your credit card info or important passwords to any online password manager. That is just plain suicide.

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You don't understand how LastPass works.

LastPass has no access to your sensitive data because your data is encrypted locally with a key that never touches LastPass servers.

We never want you or any user to simply to trust us on our word, we invite and encourage you to prove to yourself that LastPass is doing what we're saying were doing as many have before. Contact us and we'll help you prove this.

This isn't a grand conspiracy with LastPass employees commenting here, they're saying it because the model has been verified by a number of people.