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This password manager really does have everything. But my problem with it is that the interface is complicated and it can be difficult to use.

It has let me down several times when I have trusted that it collected a password. Especially with sites where I have several accounts. Now I have to double check every time. What a pain.

Update: All that is fixed now. Love it.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.64.4). 

Please share the problem with us so we can resolve it

Please share the problem with us so we can resolve it:

We do keep username and password history, and we keep your deleted accounts for 30 days so it's exceptionally difficult to totally lose data. To get to your history: edit the site in question and hit 'Password History' or 'Username History' to see what it used to be.

We also keep every generated password, just search for the URL that you generated a password with in your vault.

We'll take responsibility for any usability issue and look into resolving it but you can get your data!