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Without question the best passwordmanager.
Earlier I used Roboform. Then I decided to learn and use Ubuntu. But Roboform doesnt work on Linux. Roboform was one of the software "i couldnt live without" so I was about to ditch Linux. But I emailed the creators to inquire about if a Linux version. I was amazed when they answered that there is no Linux version in the foreseeable future. Probably never :o

Then I stumbled on Lastpass. It does everything RF does. First I was a bit suspicious about the security. It didnt feel comfortable to have a web based PW manager. But after reading their forum where they explained about their policy and how the privacy works, plus that anyone is free to try to prove that Lastpass isnt secure, I decided that at the end of the day there is no point of being paranoid since any software can be used, even Roboform, if they where evil.

So I decided to trust them. And I am so glad I did. I never have to worry about securing Roboform on usb stick to get to my passwords since I can get to it from any internet connected computer.
It works on any windows and Linux. I only use the firefox extension. Besides Shadow Protect Lastpass is one of the ultimate products.
And it is FREE.

Pentti Sweden.

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