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  • Shortcuts don't work :(
    It's possible that you have some colliding shortcuts. You can try to modify the shortcuts from the Settings page.
  • Pratique, mais pas très intuitif : l'intégration est minimale et il faut repasser par KeePassXC régulièrement.

    Gros problème de gestion de l'obsolescence : depuis plusieurs jours, le plugin n'est plus utilisable car il demande la toute dernière version mineure 2.4.* alors que le gestionnaire de paquet de ma distribution (pacman) propose toujours la 2.3.4 et seul une beta de la 2.4 est dispo sur AUR.
    Une rétrocompatibilité aurait été bienvenue, même temporaire, afin d'assurer un suivis pour les utilisateurs moyens qui ne vont pas chercher à compiler les source depuis un GIT et se reposent majoritairement sur leur gestionnaire de paquets.
    L'extension est rétrocompatible avec la version 2.3.1. Le message de mise à jour ne signifie pas que cela ne fonctionnera pas. (via Google Translate)
  • This extension works very well and I love the way it works, couldn't be more happier. The only thing that won't work for me is HTTP Basic Auth. According to documentation, it should work, but I don't know how to do it. When I'm presented with a basic auth form, nothing happens on the extension's side. No way to trigger it, to auto-fill, to summon the extension's dialog to choose a login... And I couldn't find anything in the documentation on how to enable HTTP Basic Auth to work with KeePassXC-Browser.

    Added: Thanks! That worked.
    First you must enable the setting Automatically fill in HTTP Basic Auth dialogs and submit them from the extension settings. After that single entries will be filled automatically. If you have multiple entries for a HTTP Basic Auth page, you must use the popup to select the correct one, or discard and revert to the default dialog.
  • Very reliable and configurable.
  • All works well and tech support for this plugin is very good. I had a problem and they helped me fast.
    Are you sure you have enabled "Disable all features" for the site? Also, please check that the site scheme is correct. If this doesn't solve it, please make an issue on GitHub with additional details: https://github.com/keepassxreboot/keepassxc-browser/issues/new
  • Spent a lot of my time just trying to get it to work. Finally I've done it but I'm an IT technician and I believe that most of regular people will fail here.
    And according to the feedbacks it seems there is a lot of such failed tryouts when people can't even start to use it. Please do something with that.
    For example my case was that:
    1. Different versions (64-bit FireFox against x86 KeePassXC portable). Extension runs proxy but nothing happens futher - extension doesn't see proxy running or something like that. Fail.
    2. KeePassXC (installed) doesn't make org.keepassxc.keepassxc_browser_firefox.json nor apropriate registry entry - proxy doesn't run. I believe that's because of UAC and permissions. Still hothing works. Fail again.
    3. Portable x64 KeePassXC + Firefox x64 - win. It creates json and write proper registry key. Extension runs proxy and they both interact each other.
  • To follow up on (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/keepassxc-browser/reviews/1279287/)
    I also feel this extension has little to no use (especially for Firefox) First of all. the auto type sequence is a highly dangerous function. Even if the record inside the keepass database is all set to work for multi page logon, and one changes the global settings by accident. (or update!) all the custom fields are vanished Thus text is just injected into space.
    And this is just a KeepassXC bug/~feature~
    *sidenote: On Chromium on ubuntu the extension just works out of the box.
    On firefox 10 out 10 times this extension is not connected to the database and even if the extension believes to be connected its not, due to KeepassXC not getting kicked alive.

    For these hasles it it just not worth the effort.
    Just learn the keyboard shortcuts to quickly find and copy the fields needed and insert them manually. The proxy to tunnel the uname/pwd into the browser will not be available i assume.
    Second to that: I believe that if your pc is already in a state where you can't trust your computers (basic) functions as per example the clipboard; one has a whole lot of other problems to deal with prior to thinking about security and privacy enhancements
    endnote: 5 (Five) stars for the time and effort from the team on KeepassXC itself
  • Works well for me! Just wished such an addon existed for Opera, too...
  • Login to ebay doesn't function! Automatic Fill in of username and password doesn't function. Auto Type doesn't function. Context menu > KeePassXC-Browser > Fill User Name and Password doesn't function either. This Add-On is useless!
    eBay does some heavy scripting preventing any modifications from content scripts to the login input fields. The only solution is to disable JavaScript for the login page or use Auto-Type instead.
  • The issue that I have is that I don't understand what is the problem that this extension is trying solve. In order for it to work at all, you have to have KeePassXC already open and accessing the database that you are interested in. Other than this, modern browsers already do autofill of names and passwords that you have supplied, the latter being transparently encrypted by the browser itself. I am sure that there are legitimate uses for KeePassXC-browser but, as far as I am concerned, it is far more trouble than it is worth.
    The purpose of this extension is to transfer login credentials from KeePassXC to the browser. For this to work, KeePassXC and the database must be opened. There are other extensions that can access your KeePass database directly if that is your preferred workflow. And as a sidenote, everyone doesn't want to use the browser's own password manager.
  • ((URL detecting is just broken (when clicking plugin's icon it's just says it's connected to database and if activated through right click on username fiels -> KeePassXC-Browser -> "Fill Username and Password" the "Error: No logins found." notification pops up). It's firefox-specific bug, because url detecting and fields fill works fine in google chrome.))
    UPD: fixed by disabling Enpass extansion. Please add note about other password managers' extensions to the FAQ. Also, multiple URLs support would be awesome.
    Using multiple password managers simultaneously is not a good idea. Most of them work by changing or inspecting the web page content, which means the probability for collision is big. Multiple URL support is coming, but the change must be first done to the KeePassXC side.