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  • Login to ebay doesn't function! Automatic Fill in of username and password doesn't function. Auto Type doesn't function. Context menu > KeePassXC-Browser > Fill User Name and Password doesn't function either. This Add-On is useless!
    eBay does some heavy scripting preventing any modifications from content scripts to the login input fields. The only solution is to disable JavaScript for the login page or use Auto-Type instead.
  • The issue that I have is that I don't understand what is the problem that this extension is trying solve. In order for it to work at all, you have to have KeePassXC already open and accessing the database that you are interested in. Other than this, modern browsers already do autofill of names and passwords that you have supplied, the latter being transparently encrypted by the browser itself. I am sure that there are legitimate uses for KeePassXC-browser but, as far as I am concerned, it is far more trouble than it is worth.
    The purpose of this extension is to transfer login credentials from KeePassXC to the browser. For this to work, KeePassXC and the database must be opened. There are other extensions that can access your KeePass database directly if that is your preferred workflow. And as a sidenote, everyone doesn't want to use the browser's own password manager.
  • ((URL detecting is just broken (when clicking plugin's icon it's just says it's connected to database and if activated through right click on username fiels -> KeePassXC-Browser -> "Fill Username and Password" the "Error: No logins found." notification pops up). It's firefox-specific bug, because url detecting and fields fill works fine in google chrome.))
    UPD: fixed by disabling Enpass extansion. Please add note about other password managers' extensions to the FAQ. Also, multiple URLs support would be awesome.
    Using multiple password managers simultaneously is not a good idea. Most of them work by changing or inspecting the web page content, which means the probability for collision is big. Multiple URL support is coming, but the change must be first done to the KeePassXC side.
  • Sometimes it's doesn't work, I must reinstall addon and it's work again.
    Please check if the same happens with a clean temporary Firefox profile. Your current one can be corrupted.
  • Useful but lacks proper documentation. I could only find documentation pertaining to installation and configuration, not to actual usage.
    A proper manual and detailed documentation will be released soon with KeePassXC 2.4.0.
  • The best one right now.
  • Both the tool as well as the plugin works OOTB with Firefox 64 (Linux Mint/Ubuntu Bionic). Good work, I like it.
  • With Ubuntu 18.04 and latest Firefox it is unreliable, in 2/3 of the cases I get a Timeout and in 1/3 of the cases I'm able to connect. I couldn't find any reason why it works or why It doesn't work. I tried on two different machines. I couldn't find a way that reliably gets a connection. And I do have apparmor working. Trying it was a waste of time.
    This doesn't sound right. Are you aware that KeePassXC must be open in the background before a connection can be even made?
  • Was really looking forward to trying this out, but I can't seem to get it to work at all.

    Tested with FF 64.0 Portable, KP XC 2.3.4 Portable, and followed directions at https://keepassxc.org/docs/keepassxc-browser-migration/ , but cannot seem to get the browser to connect to the DB. Per the instructions, I've enabled browser integration for FF, but receive the following Error from the plug-in: "Cannot encrypt message or public key not found. Is native messaging or support for your browser enabled in KeePassXC?". Reload button doesn't help, nor does restarting the apps.

    Thanks for responding. It sounds as if I need to make some changes to the FF launcher's ini file (in order to get FF Portable to work with this), but it's unclear what those changes are. After searching around a bit more, I see that others are experiencing this problem as well:

    I saw some information at https://github.com/keepassxreboot/keepassxc/issues/1559#issuecomment-369508900 regarding what registry entries need to be shared, but it's unclear to me exactly what steps I need to take to get FF Portable to work with KeePass-XC portable. Could you provide a bit more information about exactly what .ini files I need to edit and with what changes?

    EDIT 2: Another user commented that disabling the proxy (Tools > Settings > Browser integration > Advanced) solved the integration issues. I've tried this, and it seems to be a good workaround. The downside is that a second copy of KeePass XC launches with the proxy disabled, but at least it seems to work.
    The problem here is the Windows registry. Firefox Portable doesn't properly read the registry where the location of Native Messaging script file is defined. This would need a change to the Firefox Portable that it would allow to read Firefox registry entries outside the portable application. The only solution for this could be to use PortableApps Launcher and tweak the registry settings from there. See https://portableapps.com/manuals/PortableApps.comLauncher/topics/registry.html

    EDIT: The issue #1817 is updated with the latest findings. Please continue the conversation there is possible.
  • with KeepasXC 2.3.4 (only this version) plug-in works as intended.
    The only things missing now are:
    - Ability to unlock database in the background (i.e. without opening KeePassXC
    - Automatically re-scan login forms to detect / identify login fields.

    == my original 1* review ==
    Does not work. Every time I close my browser, I have to go though "connect" process.
    Even if it did work - one has to manually open KeePassXC application and unlock database (which means, navigating away from the browser). If I'm opening KeePassXC anyway, why not copy/paste password from the application then, why use some plugin?
    Upgrade your KeePassXC to version 2.3.4. Every application can read the clipboard, so it's not as safe.
  • While the program works very well, the extension does not. Website detection is hit or miss, and there is a fill TOTP button that does absolutely nothing.
  • Doesn't seem to do anything. I went to the 'Connected Databases' tab and it shows nothing connected. Clicking the 'Connect' button has no effect.
    You need to enable Browser Integration for Firefox in the KeePassXC settings before you can use the extension.