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  • I love this add-on! It has saved me so much money in the year that I have had it. Everybody needs this add-on!!!
  • Zu wenig deutsche Anbieter, das Addon wurde für den Amerikanischen Markt ausgelegt.
  • Sehr geiles Addon! Kann ich jedem Empfehlen... Dankeschön
  • i really love this add on it really comes in handy
  • It's pretty useful.
  • Lately the results from the tool have been COMPLETELY inaccurate to the point that it isn't even worth having installed!
    Hello there,

    Sorry to hear that InvisibleHand isn't working up to its usual standards for you! Would you be able to send us a few examples to info@getinvisiblehand.com and then we should be able to help get this issue sorted!


  • It shows other products not the same. I'm checking the price of electrical toothbrush it shows toothpaste. Try price blink it's better.
  • Addon didn't work with Windows 7 Starter and Mozilla Firefox 17.0.2
  • A great idea, but it has been a waste of time. There has been only one occasion when the add-on has been useful for me. Otherwise, it has only been a distraction. It almost invariably does not compare like products, or it compares prices between vendors with very different prices for shipping.
  • Seems to fully support US-UK websites only.
    For happy NoScript users: InvisibleHand relies heavily on javascript. Whitelist
    a. products-iframe-assets.s3.amazonaws.com
    b. products-iframe-assets-api.s3.amazonaws.com
    c. productsiframe.invisiblehand.co.uk
    d. productsiframe2.invisiblehand.co.uk
    for basic functionality and
    e. static.chartbeat.com
    for "Reviews etc" menu.
    You need also to let
    a. productsiframe.invisiblehand.co.uk
    b. productsiframe2.invisiblehand.co.uk
    store cookies on your system.
  • Has been most helpful until last couple of days, but now, simple things like DVD price-hunting, up comes, 'Cheaper price found! Buy this for £2.97 at The Hut.com' and when you click on the link, the price was £30-odd AND out of stock. Later the same day, same search, similar silly low price on The Hut, but, again, high price and out of stock.

    Thanks for your review. Fortunately we became aware of this problem today so it has just been fixed! You will start to notice this if you restart your browser.

    I hope that you continue to use InvisibleHand for all your shopping needs! If you have any other issues do not hesitate to get in touch at info@getinvisiblehand.com.

  • nice thing...
    but isn´t really working in germany.
    was searching for a Geforce GTX 560 Ti.
    (some URL:http://www.amazon.de/dp/B0051W5WXW/ref=asc_df_B0051W5WXW8652242?smid=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&tag=googledeprodu-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22494&creativeASIN=B0051W5WXW !! http://www.amazon.de/GigaByte-NVIDIA-GeForce-Grafikkarte-Speicher/dp/B0050MUTUY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1341658993&sr=8-4 !!)
    most time the toolbar didn´t even appeared.
    you said on your website IH is able to learn. How?

    fix it!
  • this is a fantastic add-on which made me reduce the wastage of time on internet for searching the best hotels & money on flight tickets while i travel which is a more common thing for me as a marketing head. So this could best be ur partner in saving time & money at a time
  • I tested Invisiblehand on several articles in Germany. I checked one of the best price comparison websites (idealo.de) versus Amazon.de+InvisibleHand. Idealo always gives me up to 10 cheaper articles than amazon.de, InvisibleHand usually don't misses all of them.
  • I tested Invisiblehand on several articles in Germany. I checked one of the best price comparison websites (idealo.de) versus Amazon.de+InvisibleHand. Idealo always gives me up to 10 cheaper articles than amazon.de, InvisibleHand usually misses all of them.

    Example 1: Canon PowerShot S95

    13 retailers are cheaper than amazon, InvisibleHand missed them all. Very bad results.

    In comparison, the addon "Ciuvo" finds 4 cheaper retailers for this article (still very disappointing though). Globally, "Ciuvo" is better. I didn't test other price comparison addon though.

    Example 2: Sony KDL46EX655

    5 cheaper retailers on idealo.de. InvisibleHand and Ciuvo missed all of them.
    Thanks for your review, we're sorry to hear InvisibleHand couldn't provide you with the lowest prices for what you were looking for.

    Perhaps we can find out why InvisibleHand wasn't showing notifications on these pages - if you email us with these urls we can look into this for you :)

    Drop us an email at: info@getinvisiblehand.com

  • Not sure how I "survived" on-line shopping before Invisible Hand. It works unobtrusively, accurately and quickly. I buy most things on-line, and spend lots of time comparison shopping, so Invisible Hand is JUST what I would have designed if I could do it myself. I will keep using this and recommend it to everyone. Just another reason to always use Firefox--my only browser.
  • A fantastic add-on which saves me money on a regular basis. It's probably most useful for the everyday items - that are too cheap to for it to be worth your time to check competing prices; the add-on works quietly in the background and only appears when it discovers that the item you are looking at costs less on another site.
  • Invisible Hand has saved us thousands of dollars over the past four or five years. It's wonderful to have a single tool for comparison shopping in North America and Britain. I particularly appreciate the folks at Invisible Hand ensuring updates are offered so that it evolves along with Firefox. I can't imagine living, or shopping, without Firefox and Invisible Hand.
  • I love this. It saves so much time. Most of my shopping is done on line. Love it and highly recommend it!
  • I really like this Add-On because it only shows up when I need it and has already saved me some money :)
    You should try it, it makes online shopping so much easier!
  • I LOVE THIS ADD-ON!!! When I shop online, I am usually looking for a specific type of product...and I am seriously OCD about finding EXACTLY what I want. I usually end up searching website after website until I find exactly what I want. THEN, I search website after website to see which websites have that same product. THEN, I check all of those websites and compare which websites have the best prices and the best shipping options. The InvisibleHand Add-On eliminates all of those steps and my shopping experience is so much easier and faster AND makes me SOOOOOO much HAPPIER!!! It's the best Add-On EVER!
    What a fantastic review! Thanks Alyssa :-)
  • I am a person who tries to conserve as much as money as possible, when I first tried Invisible Hand, I was "Hey, why not give it a try". I was amazed on prices it gave me, they were extremely low. Without even thinking about it, I knew that this add- on was going to become my best friend. I remember one time when I needed to find a local store near where I live with the lowest prices on groceries my mother told me to buy. I was lost at the moment, but I also knew that I had a resource that was going to help me out; Easy Hand helped me a lot. I currently use it, and is so helpful, I truly is an amazing add-on that will save you a lot of money!!!!!!
    That's brilliant news, thanks for review Jonathan!
  • Looking to be doing some major travelling sometime later this year so this is an essential tool to help me cost and plan our route.
    Glad to hear it!
  • I am pathetic at shopping,whenever i go for shopping alone i usually pay more than the actual price, and at times i buy bad products for higher prices,for i cant bargain.i cant make my mind and everything looks the same to me, so i usually take my mom along with me.shopping online is much more difficult and invisible hand makes it so smooth, it's like going out for shopping with my mom.Invisible hand is my virtual mother,like my mother it lets me check products,knows my requirements and selects the best product for me and bargains for me. Shopping was never so much fun and i can trust invisible hands with my eyes closed.
    Thanks for the great review! We're glad to hear InvisibleHand is so useful to you :-)
  • Okay, I like the idea. I have Firefox on this laptop but I just downloaded the latest version (in the library, which has a faster connection than I do at home). I want to SAVE the addons to install after I upgrade and also to use on a brand new computer that isn't going to leave home. Is there any way to download and save it?

    Firefox should automatically ask you if you want to save your add-ons when you upgrade your browser, it'll pop up and ask you in a separate window.

    I hope this helps, if not then email us at info@getinvisiblehand.com :-)