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  • I'm always happy to check out the suggested savings. Every smart shopper needs to use every resource such as InvisibleHand. It works for you without any extra effort.
  • Super helpful!
  • Good start for this app. Saved me $57 on a TV I was looking to buy.
  • Works beautifully. Finds bargains at places I've never heard of!
  • Love this app easy to use any usually finds the best price.
  • Great - helps saving money!!!

    Best available price pops up on the page whatever you are purchasing
  • Great & very Easy way to Save $$$
  • great add on!
  • Confusing to sign up
  • Has saved me a lot of money so far. Love it.
  • I've only had good experiences with the product.
  • Just saved $2.77 on 2-pack of Energizer Max C batterries
  • Just saved $53 off on a $475 expresso maker I purchased. Was about to buy is at Amazon, and InvisibleHand found it for $53 off. Cha-ching! Time to take the family out to dinner with my savings.
  • I got lost in the complicated process.Very poor directions on how to move forward.I was grateful for the clear remove sign