576 critiques pour ce module
  • Сделайте открытие результатов по клику из выпадающих запросов
  • This bug exists for more than 6 months... shame on you!
  • Works great! Best feature from Chrome now on Firefox!
  • Very, very good tool ! You can fully customize it from instantFoxPlugins.js file inside firefox profile folder located in \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles !
    Look at mine http://i60.tinypic.com/2vwftpt.png
  • Thanks for this great addon that I'm using for quite a while now...

    With v3.0.0 and FF37+, the setting "launch search in new tab" seems to be inverted : if checked, stays in current tab, if unchecked opens new tab.
  • Ver. 3.0.0 still not grabbing the favicons from engine sites. Is there a fix available, or possibly coming in next version?
  • If you are finding InstantFox is ignoring the last character then try disabling instant preview.

    Overall this is a great addon, despite that bug. I generally find Instant Preview to be overrated though, so if you are one who likes it then you may want to try another addon.
  • last character keeps getting ignored, which is annoying. I don't always remember to add a space after my query. But overall still can't live without this addon!
  • 1. Last typed character doubling on Tab press. Ex.: "g cupc" + Tab = "g cupccake".
    2. A mouseclick on any of the dropdown results behaves like an Enter press without selecting a particular result. Ex.: "g cupc" + click on any of the results = search for "cupc". This bug was cured for me with reinstalling the addon.
    The first bug isn't fixed for me.
  • Uno de los mejores complementos de Firefox para la productividad, muy útil para realizar más rápido las búsquedas.
  • next the perfection : Range the SEARCH in my order: a system to move up or down, the element of reseach !?
  • Ottimo addon, ma gentilmente se potete inserire con il prossimo aggiornamento, la possibilità visualizzare un pop up quando si cerca una parola senza che si apre una nuova scheda, ed inoltre la possibilità di impostare un menu di scelta rapida con la tastiera, grazie.
  • Its nice to see a great team of minds thinking of aps like this so i dont have to think, really good app guys thank you (:
  • Thanks for this Great addon!,
    But in last version there's a bug. the last letter is getting ignored
    if I try and search "y Lady Gaga" for a Youtube search, the results load up as if I've searched for "Lady Gag" instead
  • Amazing add on improves my efficiency by so much is the only thing keeping me on Firefox. Please make a chrome alternative so i can switch between the two. (mobile support for chrome is preferable and i alternate between the two a lot.
  • Was once a must have extention but the issue reported by Shanttu and allan_f, which I am also experiencing, makes it virtually useless. Removed for now but I will happily re-install once this issue is fixed.
  • Just the Best for me !
  • Use of "g" for Google shows result preview but when enter is pressed, FF links to a blank page. For "gt", Google Translate, the last letter is dropped. Neither of these problems exist with FF35.01. The problem began with FF36.0 and continues with

    Five star rating with FF35.0.1
  • There's a rather odd bug, when searching for anything, the last letter is getting ignored
    For example, if I try and search "g Firefox" for a Google search, the results load up as if I've searched for "Firefo" instead
  • Полностью согласен с остальными пользователями по поводу возможности выбора нужной ссылки с помощью мышки, было бы гораздо удобнее. Пока что 4
  • My absolute favourite and most used add-on. Thanks for all the good work and also for fixing the icons. They are back as used to since this update. Great work ...
  • Why can't I choose item with mouse, just with keyboard? And it would be great if I could choose default order of results, ie. show search suggestion first, then bookmarks, then history.
  • still there is a mouse click bug. you can't search suggested words via mouse click. you must select that word with keyboard.
  • Great addon!
    Please fix the favicons.
  • Getting that blinking "400 Grabicon" error for most search engines.
    Already wrote the devs about it on two differend emails over a week ago. No response.