576 critiques pour ce module
  • Its not working with the latest Firefox
  • .. hence 1 star only.
    Looking forward to give it 5 again!
  • absolutely epic.
  • Its not working with the latest Firefox, I need an update for it. e10 electrolysis is a great engine, firefox runs smoother and faster, but your addon doesn't run with it .
  • URL autocomplete doesn't work. Although it does work if add on is disabled and then enabled at every start of firefox sesssion. Please fix. I am using FF 43.0.4
  • Good but now, i'm on firefox 43.0.4 the suggestion bar url is semi transparent, you know why?
  • Incompatible with fx 43, pls update it.
  • searching from URL bar works great, since FF43 I'm unable to search selected text using context menu - the option to select search engine in context menu won't appear.
  • Incompaible with ffx 43.
  • The default contextmenu "open in new tab", "open in new window" is not working when the plugin is active.
  • When i searched from the bar, the current indicator has disappeared and that causes to scolling down if we click the page, bookmark or history.

    And the solution which I found: When I was disabling and enabling add-on, the problem is fixing interestingly.
  • It would be good if it let user to search in different engines:

    - simultaneously
    - without entering additional letters for each engine
    - without merging my address bar and search bar together

    Good luck!
  • Thank you very much!
  • Why is this thing updating without asking the user? (and ignoring the settings of the surrounding firefox?)
  • Huge thanks for the update.
  • Thank you so much for fixing it.
  • developers are not working on fixing the bugs, such a situation is continuing for way too long, do not get illusions that this add-on is still maintained: no, it's not, the last version contains just 1 commit where they simple changed every 'http' to 'https'.
  • But for a while, if i eg. type
    "f something"
    The f is set for google translate, but it searches for "somethin" (without 'g'),
  • This was one of the most useful firefox addons but unfortunately, since firefox 41, this addon is totally broken and seems will no longer be maintained.
    However you can still search with instantfox keys such as "y" for Youtube, "a" for Amazon, etc.
    But if this continues like this, probably will be totally outdated and broken soon.
  • This was a good add-on, but the current version ( breaks the awesome bar in FF 41.x. :(
  • The AwesomeBar popup is broken in FF 41.0. Please see https://github.com/estivo/Instantfox/issues/115 for details.
    I am putting this up here (too) in the hopes that somebody might have a workaround, as apparently this wonderful addon is no longer maintained.
    Thank you.
    Edit: FF 41 users, if you can't wait for the official fix, please see the same link [https://github.com/estivo/Instantfox/issues/115] for fixed versions.
  • I tried to switch from Chrome several times and always failed and missing search from address bar was one of the major reasons. Now this extension makes the feature even better than what Chrome offers. I can't believe I missed this extension all this time! Really nice work guys.
  • InstantFox has been one of the first extensions I install on any Firefox setup for years. Lately I've encountered two glitches that make it annoying, though not unusable.

    - cutting off the last character of search queries. As suggested below, this is fixed by turning off the instant feature or just remembering to put a space after every query.

    - unable to select a search suggestion/autocomplete using the mouse. Clicking on a suggestion simply searches for whatever is in the address/search bar and does not select the suggestion. Only arrow keys + enter will select a suggestion.

    Other than that I've had no trouble with it and it makes browsing a lot easier.
  • Not to crazy about it if you have a color themes it get all white out and you really can't see your search Engines
  • This is a great add-on, something Firefox really needs.
    If you are having issues with your search term being truncated or misinterpreted (specifically with Google), try turning off Instant Page Loading as mentioned by WindfallProphet.