52 notes
  • broken, keeps asking me to login even though i'm already logged in
  • It only tells me "Please sign into your Inoreader account"
  • Constantly showing "Please disable adblock" pop-up despite it being disabled. Support didn't help.
  • Does not remember the option settings. If you have the automatic chronology deletetion at browser closing, you need to login everytime you open the browser. I'm sorry but this addon not is so good for me. The Android app is the best app ever! So i hope for a UWP app identical to the Android app. Thank you anyway.
  • Moi j'aime bien! Sa version gratuite est parfaite pour mon utilisation
  • Please sign into your firefox account to read this review
  • Add-on can't remember own settings. Otherwise pretty useful.
  • The addon kept telling me to "Please sign into your Inoreader account" even when I was signed in. After I whitelisted cookies for inoreader.com-domain in Firefox's preferences, everything works fine (Inoreader Companion 4.1.6 + Firefox 59.0.2). Thank you.
  • Have been searching for something that is easy to use and free. Works well compared to other RSS services.
  • very good experience
  • Not working correctly in Firefox 59 -- extension icon does not stay updated with unread count as desired, and clicking on icon asks me to sign in to my Inoreader account instead of listing unread articles although I am already signed in -- when I click the sign in link it opens the Inoreader page with my unread articles. This extension works great in Chrome but is pretty useless in Firefox; hope it gets fixed soon.
  • 很方便隨時可以展開 Inoreader 新文章的小工具,可以快速列出當前新的文章數量,選項提供了一些簡單方便的選擇。
  • Not saved settings

    review version for version 4.1.5:
    Not saved settings add-ons after the browser is closed