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  • Great add-pon is fast and smooth! Thanks for your work
  • thank you very much.we will always support you
  • Мне понравилось. Легко найти нужную заметку, и так же легко отправить в Pocket нужную статью.
    спасибо :)
  • I'm torn.

    What makes this add-on better than Firefox Pocket function? It remembers when you have saved a page. You come back and the icon will indicate you already saved it.

    What does Firefox Pocket function do better? You can set tags when saving a website. I wish this was possible here, too.
  • hello,
    nice and easy to use... what I missing is DARK MODE and some quick and simple sorting by tags (or display all used tags from getpocket)
    Hey naEX, thanks for your comment. Dark mode could be an addition indeed, I'll add this to the backlog, thanks for the idea. Sorting is expected but tag capabilites are not here, that's my next "big" improvement to work on but I got a lot on my plate right now, so not sure when I'll have time to work on this. However, thanks again for the useful feedback :)
  • Very useful, better than default pocket in firefox, thank very much.
  • Doesn't work for me. I'm authenticated, and the extension window keep asking me to authenticate, with a link that doesn't work, and doesn't open. I will check if there's a workaround and update my review when it's getting fixed.
    Hey Perce Neige, sorry about this. If need be you can contact me through http://bit.ly/inmypocketcontact. There must be a google analytics on the link that opens when you click "authenticate", depending on your adblocks it might block the page and maybe prevent the authentication from completing succesfully... maybe. Hope it will help, otherwise feel free to contact me :)
  • Thank U so much for this extension module. This is great .. Thx again
  • Great! How can I upload my chrome bookmarks into it from my browser?
  • The quick key to save an article does not appear to be working in the latest version. (Being this is the reason I installed the extension, 4 stars feels generous. Hope the dev can get this fixed soon.)
    hey, thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to see what's happening here. Are you Tyler that have created an issue about this on bitbucket? https://bitbucket.org/pabuisson/in-my-pocket/issues/22/keyboard-shortcut-to-add-page-broken

    Edit: it's been fixed :)
  • I just installed In My Pocket and am running to dinner, so I am in no position to tell you of much experience using it. I've only just begun with Pocket, too, so proceeding slowly. I was blown away by how cleanly and nicely it installed itself! Synchronizes cleanly, too, Pocket presents itself well (and saved materials), on a variety of devices. I will try to supply updates in a while but, at the outset, I'm impressed.
  • Great addon, use it all the time. Only gripe [which may not be an issue in the near future] with it is that it forces the Alt + Q keyboard shortcut binding to open the popup with no obvious way to change it. Disappointing because I am trying to use Alt + Q as an Alt Tab alternative inside Firefox.

    Edit (9/17/2018): Updated rating to a 5/5 following developers response.
    Hey Strelok, thanks for your feedback! Actually, not long ago, there was no means to customize a keyboard shortcut in Firefox for addons developers. It's recently changed and I've worked on this lately, as you can see in the project roadmap (http://bit.ly/inmypocketroadmap). This feature will be available in the next version that I'm currently testing. Hope you'll like it :)