260 notes
  • Thank you for developing this add-on Pierre-André. In a way, it's a shame that you had to do it; always frustrating when someone pulls a part of their product.
  • 很棒,非常喜欢随机的功能。
  • So today Firefox updated and cleared my whole list of add-ons AGAIN, then for some reason I can't download this add-on no more, every time it says Download failed.
  • The default Pocket integration is inconvenient. Thanks for bring back the great extension.
  • Powerful extension. Is there a way to have the articles open in directly in pocket article view?
  • This is really nice, however a bulk add (for all tabs) and tag support would really make this indispensable. The dev seems cool but it would be very nice to see the source code and help out.
    Hey Rohit thanks for the feedback! Those are planned (you can find a link to the roadmap on the addon description page)... but don't have much time to work on it right now. You can also find a link to the source code on the addon description page, central repo is on bitbucket and several users already contributed, feel free to do so :)
  • Please add the ability to assign tags, very important
    Thanks for the feedback! Added to the long list of people who need the tagging feature :)
  • thank you, great add-on!
    Happy to help! thanks for the review :)