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  • Koneksi jadi lebih aman
  • Great addon for privacy
  • I know very well it's excellent
  • Inexplicably, this add-on blocks videos from being able to play on espn.com, even when I disable it on the site. I confirmed by uninstalling all other extensions and restarting firefox. Still nothing. Then I started Firefox in safe mode and video played. Finally, I removed HTTPS Everywhere and videos on espn.com play. Then I reinstalled Ublock Origin and videos still played.

    Very strange how this extension would block videos even when not enable on espn.com. Until that gets figured out, I will not reinstall this one.

    Sorry you are having video play issues.

    If you have a Github account, could you file an issue on our repo walking through this? https://github.com/EFForg/https-everywhere/issues