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worx as advertised.
here's a little trick for all those who want to modify the context-menu-entry from "block this!" to e.g. "block from History" or whatever you like. i modified this 'cause i found it a bit confusing so i changed it into "block from History":
-download HistoryBlock manually by right-clicking the "add to FF"-link and choose "save link as" to a folder of your choice.
-rename "addon-8631-latest.xpi" to ""
-extract the zip-file.
-open the file "History Block\locale\en-US\overlay.dtd" with a Text-Editor.
-replace ONLY THE WORDS "Block This!" and NOTHING ELSE!!! with text of your choice.
-save the file.
-add the FOLDER "locale" to the "" by right-clicking the folder "locale" and choose "add to..." "".
-rename "" to "addon-8631-latest.xpi".
-open FF-AddOns-Manager and choose "install AddOn from file...".
-install the AddOn and restart FF.

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