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  • I love this add on! This is the best addon to analyze my browsing history. I really needed an addon to check how many times I visited a particular site to curb my internet addiction. I don't understand why the other reviews are bad but it works perfectly in my browser! Thanks!
  • The Idea is great, but it did not work properly.
    Same Problems like other ...
    I often got "no data". But in the top bar, the whole time there is a message that says "xxx results". And when you click on that, you get a small popup that says "Have a nice day!" (!?).
    Unfortunately for me it's worthless and I uninstall it.
  • I can only view dates that appear down the left side of the window. It will not scroll any further down. The right pane scrolls, but I can't get the left pain to scroll past the bottom. REALLY P*SSES me off.
  • This is a total disaster of an add-on. First I searched for a term just for today and got 4 results. But I wanted to search my entire history, so I chose "all" in the calendar popup. It was loading endlessly, my computer slowed down and I had to restart FF. Then I chose the last 10 months from the calendar (which is extremely unintuitive and hard to use) and I got "no data". After that, whatever I would choose I would get "no data" as a result. But in the top bar, the whole time there is a message that says "4 results". And when you click on that, you get a small popup that says "Have a nice day!" (!?).
  • Looks nice. Helpful aid. But what do the slice sizes in pie charts mean? Are they time spent on that site, or the number of visits, or ...? And why is the % for a site dependent on whether I view by title or domain?
  • Nice extension, but it only shows your activity from the last few days.
  • piece of shit doesn't display any history at all
    Is there any errors in console?
  • Not working on Firefox Android now. Link doesn't open.
  • Great add-on !
    Is there a way to have a list with the exact date and time of each visit for a Webpage ?
  • The data does not include all the history....when i open all history in firefox - I see previous days that do not exist on this add-on !!!!!!!
    Thanks your suggestion, I will add "DELETE ALL LIKE THIS" feature next release. you can track https://github.com/jiacai2050/history-master/issues/40
  • Much more useful than the standard history function. Works like a charm. Managed to easily find sites I was browsing many days ago, something I could not do with the standard functionality.
  • This addon got nice statistics in a presentable way. It's helping me to keep my history clean. Thanks for this!
  • Nice, and awesome! Gives us a clear and better view of the browsing behavior.
  • Si vous êtres comme moi fan des statistiques, cette extention est faite pour vous !
  • Thanks good addon, but it'll be better if we can open history master page by ctrl+h instead firefox builtin history sidebar. Also it'll be good if analysis is done by main domain/parent domain and not by page-to-page.
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    There is a chart analysis based on domain, is this what you mean?

    I will add Ctrl + H shortcuts in next release. stay tuned!
  • This is great, you can't use firefox without this addon!!
  • Very useful for me love it.