62 critiques pour ce module
  • ia facilidad con la que encuentro lo que quiero..
  • It is not completely free! It's a cheat!
  • Great app
  • Ce module complémentaire est maintenant payant...laissez tomber!
  • Doesn't work anything as it says. Useless . No option to change ip. Don't install.
  • Used to be good - but now has pop-up spam and "warning" pages that cannot be closed - Horrible have stopped using it,
  • Too many steps to get it running. It works once you get there but then their ads take up one third of the page.
  • After trying to run it, adware poped-up. Avoid this!
  • Worthless for anyone looking to surf with a Japanese proxy.

    ...and like nearly all of the addons for proxies, you have to pay to use it once you've installed it, though they dont tell you when you're installing.
  • Maybe for some few using this add-on could be useful, but normal use is not working well. CSS missing and such weird stuff, so I uninstalled it quickly.
  • The context menu has disappeared on latest update?
    Thanks for reporting the issue - we are working on implementing the permanent fix. We believe the issue is caused by the migration of the Local Storage from the old version. If you remove the extension and reinstall it from the Add-ons store - it should resolve the issue for you.
  • most sites not usable with it
  • The "Add to Firefox" button doesn't work so I just can't install it on Firefox. What a shame....
  • Basically once installed it did what was advertised and is quite easy to use.
  • работает но плохо многие сайты не хочет открывать, а тем более флеш плеер не запускается
  • My first impression was very positive, this seems like a really well done add-on.
    BUT, this comes with very little config to be left to the user, and the HMA proxies don't seem to be supporting javascript, for example.
    All in all okay (Which is a shame, I would've LOVED to see this baby do more)
  • Эту программу нельзя назвать proxy, скорее это анонимайзер, но неплохой анонимайзер, к томуже если вам нужно скрытно зайти на одну страницу, а не путешествовать по интернету, то Hide My Ass одно из лучших решений.
  • Used to work until recently. Now that the HMA website interface has changed, the add-on no longer works.

    Not sure about security, but it used to provide access to blocked websites.
  • Hide My Ass (HMA) is a simple, straight-forward Proxy tool.

    While it might be the 'most popular,' this DOESN'T mean the best - and it really isn't.

    If anyone interested in using a secure web proxy by now (SHOULD) doesn't know, on the Dark Web, the (purported) operator of SIlk Road (sort of the 'anti-Amazon') was, caught - because the communications he (thought) were secure, WEREN'T.

    The reason? He was using HMA.

    Also, if you don't wanna do a lot of research on which proxy server's good, btter, bst, check out most any (reputable) site offering reviews, or 'best' lists. HMA ISN'T listed.

    It never makes me happy to say something isn't very good, and I always liked (the idea) of HMA, but, if you want a more secure proxy server, go elsewhere.

    Listen; you can choose to either take my advice, or not - the ONLY one who (might) end up with problems ISN'T me.
  • Актуально для России, теперь когда повсюду блокировки, очень нужная вещь. Дундукам из Роскомнадзора привет.
  • Works, with some flaws, but in majority ok.
  • One time it works, and the other doesn't. One star minus from start
  • Works well enough. Don't rely on it for anonymity, though.
  • This doesn't work in many countries, such as in the middle east. They block Hide My Ass website.
    Don't waste money getting a paid subscription either. They owe me six month subscription for services not rendered.
  • Thumbs way up for this excellent Firefox addon! I installed it some time ago, and while visiting a site, a popup appeared. I thought this the perfect time to hit the browser HideMyAss button. I was immediately cloaked to any and all the attempts on the site to annoy and track my surfing and activities here.

    The HideMyAss.com addon is built for people like myself who do NOT want to be data mined for any reason.

    Just a footnote to this review. I also use the other services found on the HideMyAss.com on a regular basis. Excellent services all!