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It's likely a compat issue with my extensions & browser ver (3.6.28+).. but I have 2 bars at top, the transparent location/menubar (all in 1 bar), and the win7 transparent caption bar above that.

When I install this extension, I get a half-height opaque title bar. :-( It may be half a bar less space, but its darn uglier.

Of course I will admit to be a bit strange -- like setting my background IN THE BROWSER to transparent...
and having web content display on my desktop...

Problem with that was it was hard to move the 'window' around and resize it..(not impossible, just hard)... AND ... I usually have a variable background pic and depending on the pic it either worked very well, or it was pretty unreadable.

If only I could get an opposite color fringe around the lettering or a shadow, like the desktop does on it's text. Then it would always be readable.

Here's a pic of my extensions page:

The green part was my desktop... an old foxgirl logo was my 'about blank' the extensions page plotted on top of an about blank... rather confusing...

But if I had this extension installed, I would have had a half-height opaque bar at the top of the browser -- delineating it -- which, in that particular situation might not have been a bad thing... But barring such extremes, when I want the at least the edges to be transparent, having it come up opaque was a bummer.

Can' you apply the mini window function buttons to the stop of the highest toolbar (in my case would be the menu bar (which doubles as my location bar) -- menu is hidden away in 'personal menu'...(the extension)..

Was neat when it used to work...sigh.

P.S. Please let the user decide on an icon for the menu -- like personal menu -- nice and unobtrusive rather than a 1 orange-fits all, jarring color...good for getting attention, but you don't always want attention on the menubar....

P.P.S. why is this review flagged for review? weird.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module ( 

Firefox 3.6.* is an ancient version. However I've installed it again but no issues found yet.
I've copied and answered this in support-site :
Please go there and provide details to reproduce the issue.