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This is a great extension for saving vertical space on screen, and styling. A must have for laptop screens, especially used along with Tiny Menu or other menu shrinking addons.

The last 2.7.1 version (see complete versions list) has solved all major issues since the changes in the user interface of the browser on FF 12, interfered with this extension. The only thing still around this issue is making Min-Max-Close buttons to act as part of the fullscreen hidding upper bars, but 2.7.1 deals with this in a satisfactory way.
The other main issue about this extension is (as always has been) that it slows down Firefox a bit, but this version seems to be faster than previous ones.

This extension functionality should be part of FF, or at least FF developers should pave the way for his author, so that maybe we'd see the smooth integration this extension deserves to be absolutely great.

(FF 18.0a1 32-bit on win after editing FF maxversion parameter into install.rdf file)

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