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Used to work fine earlier. Now it no longer opens an article on clicking upon the ticker. I wonder if the problem is being caused by NoScripts. Or is it because of Firefox version upgrade. I am using FF 18 on Windows XP.

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Great addon but few more features would be welcome Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Thanks for the great addon. It is much better than the other addons out there, all of which I have tested.

The few features that are essential to complete the addon are:
1. Pausing the feeds from scrolling
2. Showing an article only once and showing nothing when all articles have been shown once(or twice or five times or n times)
3. Scrolling articles using a hotkey, say F1. Pressing F1 shows the next feed(when scrolling is paused or disabled as suggested in point 1)
4. Manually update feeds instead of specifying a time interval to update feeds.

My favourite ticker is an offline software called Newzie. Most of the ideas I have suggested above come from Newzie's ticker mode. You could check it out.

I have used a lot of feed readers both addons and offline softwares. If you need any help with testing the addon, I'd be glad to help.

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