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  • Really useful extension! However, I didn't find a way to map shortcuts, therefore I have to look for another solution :( Thanks anyway.
  • The extension greatly improves navigation. It is marked as available under the Mozilla Public Licence in the "More information" panel of the Firefox add-ons catalogue but I was not able to find its source code so far. Would anyone know about the repository location? Unless there's an error with the licence?
  • Great extension! It gives an instant Table of Content on a webpage that properly use heading elements!

    One improvement that is really glaring:
    * Add to Firefox Sidebar so it won't block the page itself
    Hi, thanks for your comment and rating.
    Regarding to the sidebar, I totally agree with that idea. The extension, while XUL could be used for integrating it in the browser, was always a sidebar panel, so it was perfect because it didn´t interfere in the page and, additionally, could be open while browsing between pages.

    That had to change with the new webextensions API. The advantage of this change is that the same development works for other browsers.

    I have in mind to try to include it again as sidebar panel. Right now I am working in a change for giving additional feedback for SEO analysis. Once it is done, I will try with the panel ;)

    Again, thanks for your comment. This kind of feedback keeps my motivation for trying to make it better ;)
  • Beautiful addon. Is there a chance that it is published as open source?
    Hi, thanks for your comment. I have to say that the option (publishing as open source) is in the table... but I cannot tell you what the conclusion will be... Thanks
  • Seems to work OK, but lately there's updates in rapid fire (multiple per day??) and the size has doubled with no release notes provided, which makes me suspicious. What is going on?
    Hoping that the add-on hasn't been hijacked and turned nefarious.
    EDITED: The developer answered satisfactorily. Thank you for your work!
    Hi hmijail, thanks for your comment and feedback. I think it is very useful and made me see other point of view.
    The weight that the extension has now is caused by an error that I made when including the spinner-gif that is shown when generating the trees (the HTML5 outline takes time and I thought it was good idea). I just realised of it because you mentioned it. The problem is that I didn't optimise it (maybe half of the size is because that gif). I will fix it in the next release.

    Regarding to the often updates, to be honest, I didn't think that could generate some concerns, but it is good that you brought that idea to me. I have been adding lots of changes that mean some new features, also improvements in the performance and a couple of bugfixes. I usually release the changes as soon as I apply them, instead of waiting for having a bunch of them done. I would say that it is more like a continuos delivery than a scheduled releases. I think that, after this, creating a page with the release notes could be a good idea, so they can be accessible for anyone. Just to cover a bit my lack on creating those release notes, some of the changes I introduced this week are:
    * New features (some of them):
    - new panel for settings (it appears inside the panel)
    - new dark theme
    - option for including the aria-label content
    - resizer for the panel
    - option for placing the panel in the right side
    - CSS overscroll-behavior property set to none for preventing the scroll of the page when the tree has scroll
    - ...
    * Performance:
    - refactor in the code for improving the speed in which the trees are generated
    - only the tree of the current tab is generated (before this, both trees were generated always)
    - better DOM structure of the content
    - ...

    I also applied some minor changes that made the code more clean and structured and also some bugfixes. Ah, and I updated the code so the version for Chrome of the add-on shares the same code, helping me in the development process because there is no duplicated work.

    So just for finishing this long comment, I can tell you that the add-on hasn't been hijacked and still keeps the initial intention that always had. Anyway, I guess that if that would be the case, the Mozilla review (step that is executed before any release) would block the release of the add-on.
  • Awesome!
  • Nice and usefull addon!
    Would be nice if one could open/collapse all the titles together, and eventually memorise this when reloading the page.
    Hi Emmanuel, thanks for commenting and also for giving suggestions. I will consider the open/collapse all and if it could be something that could be persisted. I have some doubts about how useful could be this second option (persisting the state), but maybe I can find a middle point (something like offering a configuration option for showing the results initially collapse at some defined level in the hierarchy).
    Again, thank you very much for the feedback.
  • förenklar avsevärt vid sökning av något specifikt vid besök på större websajter ex kommuner och övriga myndiheter
  • Thanks for making this! One thing I would like would be a way to specify the color scheme of the outline page. Even a simple checkbox to enable a dark mode with inverted colors, would be fantastic as an initial easy option.

    UPDATE: The additional dark theme option is great! Thanks for the update!
    Hi, thanks for your comment (I know, I waited too much for answering :( ). I just added some changes and one of those is the "dark" theme as option (selecting it is possible in the configuration page of the extension). I hope it helps.
  • Happy to see the extension is back ! One regrets and one suggestion though :
    - If I remember well it used to highlight the headlines clicked in the left panel ?
    - I wish there could be a switch to choose to run the analysis on the actual HTML, or or on the HTML modified by javascript. Currently the analysis seems made on the final HTML as modified by javascript.
    Hi Sebastien. First of all, thank you for your feedback. Regarding to your comments:

    * Yes, the header was highlighted when clicking on the correspondent one in the panel (I have to recover the feature -most probable as option-... since the whole extension was refactored almost from scratch, there are features that are still pendant of being added/recovered). So thank you for commenting it because helps me in the prioritization of tasks

    * I would like to know the use case for retrieving the headers structure for the HTML that is not modified by javascript. The tools is initially meant for giving the structure that the browser renders, so the one that the HTML has without any behavioral change was not considered. In order to consider implementing that feature, I would like to know and understand the use case. Could you please give me some feedback on it?

    Again, thank you very much for your feedback and comments.
  • Best App!
  • Well HTML5 Outliner
  • Provides an outline for a HTML page. Exactly what I need.
  • Very useful, and glad to have back again!
    Hi, thanks for the comment. I still want to do some improvements like evaluating inside frames or try to integrate it as a panel in the browser.
    Thanks again for the comment and any feedback is always very welcome.
  • Finally back on Firefox and the level numbers are back again. :)

    You could even make it lighter and get rid of the HTML5 Outline tab as it's definitely not relevant any more, but hey...

    Great work anyway and thanks for this neat little tool.
    Hi, thanks for your comment. I was considering removing the HTML5 Outline as well. It is probably that I will do it since it is not worth to use resources that could affect to the performance on something that is not relevant any more.

    Again, thanks for your feedback ;)
  • 54.01 does not work
  • The addon does not work on my browser (Firefox Developer Edition 51.0a2). Nothing happens on any site.

    The link to the addon page and assistance leads to a blank page.
  • Great little tool. Would be great to have a checkbox where I can choose to only see headings that are visible to the user (including visibly hidden objects), for example to get the headings that are shown to screen readers. i.e. display:none should not be shown in the headings.
  • Very good. Useful for - as it says - seeing the page structure.
  • Excellent for A-level developers.
  • This is an awesome app for checking your HTML5 outlines. Must have for any dev using Firefox.
  • HTML5 outline! But it would be even better if I was able to choose it by default.
    Hi, Thx for your opinion.I just added a version with the option to open it in the tab that your prefer.
  • Nice addon to show outline like in pdfs. Possible improvement in further development: filter items as you type.