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Up&down buttons work perfectly.

Switching on-off and changing proxies still need restarting firefox. And it's worse than 3.0.3. On 3.0.3 I could manage to fix it by disabling some addons but this time it seems unfixable.

On 3.0.3 clicking proxy status opens the option window which is very practical. But now it doesn't. You have to do it on add-ons manager panel. It's better on previous version.

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Problem with Sorting Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Great addon. Makes proxy config. a lot easier. One problem; when a csv file(like the one on previous review) is imported, sorting up&down doesn't work. But, when the proxy is entered manually, it works.

to Menant;

I had same problem too. You should check other installed extensions. I tested disabling all other addons one by one to discover which one causes that and the conflict was of "Alexa Sparky" addon. Then I removed it, and installed other similar tool called "SEO Analysis". No more conflicts.

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fixed @v3.0.4