76 critiques pour ce module
  • FF 57后只支持WebExtension,希望能换成WebExtension!
  • Is it going to be webextension compatible?
    Unfortunately it's not possible to port gui:config to WebExtensions, so this add-on will stop working when Firefox drops support for legacy/bootstrapped/XUL extensions.
  • One of my favorite features is being able to copy the value names and the search feature!
  • Mozilla should "reward" the best extensions in some way. Maybe just by incorporating them into Firefox.

    However, version 1.10.2 is not compatible with multiprocessing and I can not install the development version in Firefox v52, even by changing the value of the "xpinstall.signatures.required" option to false.
  • gj
  • Simple and very useful
  • Great! It's so awesome that it provides descriptions for the preferences. Should be a built-in feature!
  • This extension adds a convenient UI to allow the user to set some Firefox options.

    Everything it can do can be done by editing prefs.js or using about:config, but this is excellent for those not comfortable with doing those things, or for those who simply want a convenient interface.
  • It is very great. I like it.
  • Nicely designed, helped me discover keys I didn't know about.
  • Some important preferences are easy to handle with this AddOn. Thank you, developer!
  • The very well extension, better user experience.
  • Note: I switched over to Linux (Mint) several months ago. During this time, Firefox has seen many updates. Before LinuxMint, I was on Ubuntu (14.04) and had the same issue - as follows:

    Unable to set external source editor through gui:config. It seems to save "view_source_editor_external" to 'true' (this is good). The 'view_source_editor_path' does *not* seem to get saved in 'about:config'.

    Was not an issue under Win7 (last year, have not been on a Windows System in over 9 months) and earlier versions of Firefox last year. The issue might be related to newer versions of Firefox under Ubuntu and similar. Just want to point this out, it's a great extension otherwise.
    Thanks for reporting this issue. A new version is in the review queue and the fix should be released soon.
  • I wish it had an option to display as a page the way that about:preferences now does. Still pulling more into a GUI like effect, but not as a popup. Would make it easier to navigate.
  • The project is maintained at Github — a developer site where a "pull request" has no affiliation with helping your DH to get his galoshes off, and a "fork" is not part of a set of eating utensils. I was interested to see just how much G there is in his GUI — the image cache — but I'll consider myself lucky if I can just find it to begin with!
    I'm sorry if you had a hard time using the extension. I have now updated the add-on page / support page:
    This page contains basic information on how to use the extension and a comment section for any feedback you might have.
  • I only tested a few settings with the developer version (at the very end of this page), and they worked.
    Thank you for trying the beta version. Version 1.2.4 is currently waiting to be reviewed. The beta channel now contains version 1.3 which includes a much needed update to the preferences.
  • Doesn't work anymore
  • changes applied in the addon are not saved in firefox 33 thanks
  • 不错的扩展,不知道跟Configuration Mania能不能共同使用。
    thank you
  • War ein sehr gutes Addon bis zu Firefox 28. Aber nun kann man nichts mehr einstellen mit Firefox 29, man hat nur noch die übernehmen, abbrechen oder ok Buttons.
    slosd plz update it!!! Ansonsten muß ich mich von diesem Addon trennen.

    Version 1.2.3 sind zwar alle Funktionen wieder sichtbar, aber man kann einstellen was man möchte es wird nichts übernommen. es funktioniert mit Firefox 29 immer noch nicht.
  • It quit working with the update to Firefox
  • Unfortunately it does not in Firefox 29 beta.
    Update 03.05.14
    Thank You
  • Great add-on. My only complaint is that the menu item does not show up in firefox 27 in the Firefox drop down menu when the menu bar is not shown.
  • My son says this is a great extension