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Version 4.6 518.9 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox pour Android 57.0 et supérieures, Firefox 57.0 et supérieures

Fixed bugs:
  • Repair GM.xmlHttpRequest() when fetching XML content. (#2980)
New features:
  • Added translations in several languages.
  • Users may specify global exclude patterns, where no user scripts will run. (#2843)

Version 4.5 520.2 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox pour Android 57.0 et supérieures, Firefox 57.0 et supérieures

Fixed bugs:
  • Better importing of partial or corrupted backups. (#2966)
  • Correctly display script data when switching from one to another. (#2963)
  • Correctly display uninstallation of even the last script. (#2957)<br>
  • Correctly handle removal of an @icon from a script. (#2910)
New features:
  • The script editor interactively downloads newly referenced remote resources, and more clearly handle download errors. (<span id="goog_756288607"></span>#2858, #2900)

Version 4.4.0 520.7 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox pour Android 57.0 et supérieures, Firefox 57.0 et supérieures

Fixed bugs:
  • Scripts with icons or resources could sometimes fail to save, including when only the enabled/disabled status changes. (#2909, #2943)
New features:
  • Script editor will prompt, when closing with unsaved edits. (#2886)
  • Support for backup and restore of installed scripts. (With very limited support for importing ViolentMonkey and TamperMonkey backups.) (#2747)
  • Many improvements to the Monkey Menu. (#2620, #2809, #2833, #2913)

Version 4.3 463.9 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox pour Android 57.0 et supérieures, Firefox 57.0 et supérieures

Fixed bugs:

  • The open_in_background feature of GM.openInTab() works correctly. (#2672)
  • Installation of user scripts works even from sites with strict Content Security Policies, like GitHub. (#2631)

New features:

  • Even "forbidden" headers (e.g. Cookie, Host, User-Agent) may be specified when calling GM.xmlHttpRequest(). (#2723)
  • Interface strings are translated into multiple languages. (#2527)
  • Greasemonkey will not install scripts while disabled. (#2643)
  • Monkey menu has new Firefox-native look and feel. (#2805)
  • New scalable icon. (#2739)

Version 4.2 448.2 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox pour Android 57.0 et supérieures, Firefox 57.0 et supérieures

Fixed bugs:
  • Use of the magic TLD is now reflected correctly in the monkey menu user script list. (#2795)<br>
  • Privileged API handlers will now refuse to continue without the appropriate @grant entry. (#2777)<br>
  • Native xmlHttpRequest now handles URLs relative to the page correctly. (#2771)<br>
  • When globally enabling/disabling Greasemonkey, this setting is saved across Firefox restarts. (#2652)<br>
New features:
  • Firefox for Android is marked compatible. <br>
  • Improved keyboard accessibility of the Monkey Menu. (#2794)
  • Added a save button to the user script editor (Ctrl-S still works). (#2785)<br>
  • User scripts will execute on local file:///s. (#2693)<br>
  • The script install dialog appears in a dialog, not a browser tab. (#2641)<br>
  • When the ==UserScript== block contains an unrecognized key, the entire key name is indicated in the warning message. (#2684)<br>

Version 4.1 444.2 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox pour Android 52.0 et supérieures, Firefox 52.0 et supérieures

Fixed bugs:
  • For GM.xmlHttpRequest, set the finalURL (#2692) and support onprogress (#2712).<br>
  • Update @match handling to be consistent with pre-existing behavior.  (#2673, #2715)<br>
  • Handle user scripts that end with a comment. (#2670)<br>
  • Fix changing @noframes in the user script editor.  (#2637)<br>

New features:

  • The "save" action in the user script editor is platform natural.  (#2690)<br>
  • Add a "new script" feature, for creating a new user script from scratch.  (#2645)<br>
  • The script list in the monkey menu is split into "active" and "inactive" sections.  (#2585)

Version 4.0 443.7 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 57.0 et supérieures

A complete rewrite from scratch, built on the WebExtensions API to work with Firefox 57 and beyond. For more detail see http://www.greasespot.net/2017/09/greasemonkey-4-announcement.html .

Version 3.17 368.5 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

Bug fixes related to data migration to WebExtension.

Version 3.16 368.6 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

Small bugfixes to WebExtension data migration.

Version 3.15 368.5 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

Small updates and bugfixes to WebExtension data migration.

Version 3.14 368.4 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

Fix the bug (introduced in 3.12) which caused Firefox to hang and never shut down correctly. (#2573)

Version 3.13 368.3 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

Repair migration of @match data into webextension.

Version 3.12 368.3 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

Fixed bugs:
  • Repair rare breakage in GM_getValue/GM_setValue. (#2506)

New features:
  • Migrate existing scripts to a WebExtension (for Firefox 57+) compatible data storage location. (#2551)

Version 3.11 326.9 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 56.*

  • Repair broken language check. (#2488)
  • Compatibility with new strict process sandbox. (#2485)

Version 3.10 325.5 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 53.*

  • Fix compatibility with Firefox 54. (#2480)
  • Version 3.9 320.8 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 54.*

    Feature enhancements:<br>
    • Improve the performance of GM_getValue/GM_setValue. (#2197, #2025)
    • Add a rich tooltip to the Greasemonkey toolbar button.  (#2377, #2418)
    • GM_getResourceText supports a second (responseType) parameter, for better compatibility with binary files. (#2376)
    Fixed bugs:<br>
    • Global exclude rules no longer require a Firefox restart to take effect. (#2410)
    • A web page whose url ends in ".user.js" could fail to load. (#2407)
    • A script whose name ends in ".db" could fail. (#2402)

    Version 3.8 312.1 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 49.*

    Feature enhancements:

    • Scripts can now detect whether they are operating in Private Mode or not. (#2199)

    Fixed bugs:

    • Corrected a situation wherein some scripts could be executed twice. (#2371)
    • Improved reliability of Sync service. (#2351)
    • Improved handling of HTML pages served with .user.js URLs. (#2280)

    Version 3.7 294.1 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 47.*

    Feature enhancements:
    • Added a (subtle) indicator for scripts that can not / will not download updates. (#2358)<br>
    Fixed bugs:
    • Using @resource URLs for images could fail to work in multi-process Firefox. (#2341)
    • Invalid metadata in the template prevented the "New Script" feature. (#2336)
    • Drag-and-drop install of a script could launch two install windows. (#2292)

    Version 3.6 329.1 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 45.*

    Feature enhancements:
    • Better support for scripts with a very large number of @include/@exclude/@match rules. (#2318)
    • Display a notification to the user when there is a problem parsing an edited script. (#2319)
    • In GM_info the serving URL for an @resource is listed. (#2281)
    • Added support for @run-at document-idle. (#2109)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Repair compatibility of @resource files and certain serving contexts for recent versions of Firefox. (#2326)
    • Correctly refresh files when changing (e.g.) @require lines in a script. (#2311)
    • Repaired binary behavior of GM_xmlhttpRequest. (#2265)

    Version 3.5 328.3 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 44.*

    Feature enhancements:

    • Restored "more" link in Add-ons Manager, add metadata support to fill it. (#1944)
    • The Options window can (usually) be resized. (#2194)
    • Allow scripting about:reader pages. (#2195
    • Various performance/efficiency enhancements. (#2243, #2259)
    • Allow .cmd file as editor on Windows. (#2271)

    Fixed bugs:

    • The GM_getValue API behavior matches the documentation. (#2151)
    • Repaired the Greasemonkey menus. (#2270, #2273, #2276)

    Version 3.4.1 324.7 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 43.*

    This is a quick release to fix one data corruption bug introduced in 3.4: Update checks can cause a script to be removed, rather than updated (#2274).

    Version 3.4 324.7 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 - 43.*

    Feature enhancements:
    • Added features to GM_openInTab. (#2257)
    • Improved performance and memory efficiency. (#2225, #2237)
    • Remember user script sort order. (#2128)

    Fixed bugs:
    • Work around a Firefox bug that broke GM_openInTab when e10s is not enabled. (#2234) <br>
    • Fixed a bug in the "view script source" feature preventing the tab from opening correctly. (#2202) <br>
    • Correctly handle uninstalled scripts and user @match preferences through Sync. (#2186, 2188)<br>
    • Improved the behavior of cloneInto to work in more cases. (#2070) <br>
    • Scripts that are run-at document-start will run on about:blank. (#2041)

    Version 3.3 322.5 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 35.0 - 40.*

    Feature enhancements:
    • Allow the script preference window flex size, especially useful for smaller displays. (#2191) <br>
    • The script preference editor now allows editing @match (as well as @include and @exclude like always). (#2126)<br>
    • GM_getResourceURL is now compatible with favicons. (#1955)<br>
    • Web sites should not be able to detect that Greasemonkey is installed. (#1787)

    Fixed bugs:
    • Web pages whose URLs end with .user.js should load properly. (#2178)
    • Repair memory leak related to GM_registerMenuCommand(). (#2067)

    Version 3.2 317.4 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 35.0 - 40.*

    Feature enhancements:
    • The GM_openInTab() API officially supports an open_in_background argument, and always respects user configuration when not specified. (#2105, #2106, #2107)
    • The GM_xmlhttpRequest() API is now compatible with responseType: 'arraybuffer'. (#2045)
    • Script updates always check the server, never using the browser cache. (#1878)
    • Now @match rules can be customized in script settings. (#1703)
    Fixed bugs:
    • More consistently send cookies  with GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#2181)
    • Calling abort() on the result of GM_xmlhttpRequest() should no longer cause errors. (#2154)
    • Fix GM_registerMenuCommand() for @run-at document-start scripts. (#2139)
    • Restore operation of the GM_info.version property. (#2132)
    • The GM_xmlhttpRequest() API will no longer leak cookies from the regular session, when operating in a Private Browsing session. (#2050)
    • Checking for add-on updates will enforce a server timeout, so it does not potentially hang forever. (#2029)
    • Repair navigation to HTML pages whose URL happens to end in .user.js. (#1998)

    Version 3.1.1-signed 314.6 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 35.0 - 39.*

    Fixed bugs:
    • Fix @noframes feature. (#2110) <br>
    • Fix injecting scripts into about:blank. (#2108) <br>
    • Display localized script name/description correctly. (#2102)<br>
    • Correct GM_openInTab() to only open one tab. (#2094) <br>
    • Repair default script editor. (#2073)

    Version 3.0.1-signed 314.4 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 35.0 - 39.*

    Multi process Firefox compatibility.

    Version 2.3.1-signed 296.9 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 29.0 - 36.*

    Enhancements and changes:
    • Added @noframes metadata imperative. (#1859

    Fixed bugs:
    • Improved disk usage of script values' SQLite databases. (#2036)
    • Fixed the responseType feature for GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#2032)
    • Fixed a null variable reference in Firefox Sync. (#2014, #2017)

    Version 2.2.1-signed 293.3 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 29.0 - 33.*

    Enhancements and changes:
    • Added a "New User Script" button into the Add-ons Manager. (#1972)
    • Scripts will always execute (or not) based on their original URL, before any possible history.replaceState() changes by the content scripts. (#1970)
    • Script @name and @description values can be localized for multiple languages. (#1963)

    Fixed bugs:
    • User scripts will never execute with chrome privileges. (#1988)
    • Improved Drag-and-Drop into the Add-ons Manager. (#1980)
    • Correctly show all Unicode characters when selecting View Script Source. (#1940)
    • Repair GM_xmlhttpRequest() for XML type responses. (#1937)
    • Fix the position of tabs created with GM_openInTab(). (#1897)
    • Do not falsely trigger the install dialog when e.g. editing a script via the GitHub web interface. (#1875)
    • Fixed an error when pressing cancel in the install dialog. (#1862)
    • GM_log() no longer truncate at NUL bytes. (#1061)

    Version 2.1.1-signed 290.7 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 29.0 - 32.*

    Fixed bugs:
    • Fix script updates. (#1938)
    • Repair GM_xmlhttpRequest(), broken in 2.0. (#1937)
    • A script will no longer be overwritten by an @require of the same name. (#1906)
    • Repaired the functionality of the "Undo" button after uninstalling a script. (#1898)

    Version 2.0.1-signed 286.7 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 29.0 - 32.*

    Backwards incompatible changes:
    • For stability, reliability, and security the privileged sandbox has been updated to match the new changes to unsafeWindow for the Add-on SDKIn order to write values to unsafeWindow you will need to use the new methods cloneInto(), exportFunction(), and/or createObjectIn().
    • The @grant none mode is now the default, and grants will no longer be implied when not explicitly provided.  See the post Sandbox API Changes in Greasemonkey 2.0 for more detail.
    If your script already specifies @grant none, these changes will not affect you.  If your script does not interact with unsafeWindow, these changes will not affect you.

    Otherwise, these changes will break some scripts.  These scripts will need to be updated to work correctly again.  We don't take breaking changes lightly.  It's been just under two years since version 1.0 when we last introduced major changes, and it these particular changes are both important and valuable in the long run.

    • Greasemonkey will only use explicit @grant metadata, it will no longer sniff for implicitly used APIs. (This change takes effect at install time.  Currently installed scripts will continue to function as normal until they are updated/edited/reinstalled.) (#1908)
    • GM_addStyle() now returns the created element. (#1892)
    • Update checks will attempt to read a .meta.js file for scripts installed from any site on the internet.  (#1885)
    • Remove all references to the now defunct userscripts.org website. (#1884)
    • Privileged scripts' event listeners will run, even when content JavaScript is disabled. (#1882)
    • Turn on Firefox Sync support by default. (#1857)
    • GM_xmlhttpRequest() can set the resposeType parameter on the request. (#1834)
    Fixed bugs:
    • A rare NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI error when running certain scripts has been resolved.  (#1930)
    • Fixed a bug when parsing @match rules which could destroy configuration state. (#1912)
    • A bug fix for the @match metadata, to correctly match bare domain names. (#1899)
    • The database where persistent values are stored correctly vacuums its unused space. (#1879)
    • A relative @require URL will now work correctly. (#1874)
    • The options window will flex to fit on small (or large) screens. (#1871)
    • Greasemonkey's integration with Firefox Sync should no longer cause unnecessary prompts when a master password is set. (#1852, #1870)