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I installed greasemonkey and restarted Firefox.

Wow, what a difference! Browsing the internet slowed to a crawl - scrolling became jerky and my PC stopped responding to my mouse and keyboard - well, eventually there was a response but I had time to go get another cup of coffee first.

But I found a solution - I disabled greasemonkey, restarted Firefox and then deleted greasemonkey. Things are back to normal, at least for now.

Now maybe this is because I have an older PC. I think I bought it around 2004 and it probably doesn't have everything a new high-end machine for computer geeks has on it. With the machine it replaced, the first thing to suffer performance difficulties was web browsing and maybe this is just the first signs of needing a new machine. You can still edit movies and photos, you can still write documents and even do web development, but your machine just isn't up to browsing the web like it used to.

But why should web browsing be so taxing for a PC? I can understand data transfers with a slow machine may take a bit longer but I suspect that is not at all the problem. I don't think it is processor speed.

More likely the problem is with memory. My thinking is that somehow browser developers just like to use up all of the memory in a machine and they don't take into consideration that users of older machines would be happy to sacrifice some snappy new features if they could continue to do simple web browsing.

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