203 notes
  • Very good extension! But it can be more padding for right outline of frame of extencion.. because vertical scrollbar takes a big size of allowed place.
  • C x
  • Simple donc efficace. Fonctionne très bien. Encore merci !
  • It keeps giving me a message "You’ve been signed out.
    Please reload the page to sign in again and continue working."
  • Très pratique de pouvoir prendre ses notes à la volée sans quitter Firefox.
  • good experience for a while then it wouldn't work anymore. removed it and added it back on but it kept saying 'you've been logged out, reload the page to try again' though I haven't been logged out of my google account anywhere on firefox and reloading wouldn't work.
  • Seem to be okay for the purpose. However I cannot use it as it automatically uses the wrong google account and I find no way to change that. Trying to click on another google account simply sends me to the google keep webpage for that account.
  • Davvero ottima, soprattutto utilizzando l'app posso sincornizzare tutti i miei appunti. Consigliata!
  • Ne fonctionne pas chez moi ? J'ai bien google keep dans la barre laterale la connection à mon compte est établie mais rien ne s'affiche ? aucun contenu ?